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Found 28 results

  1. Okay, so if an organization has two types of members (A and B ), and Member type B is permitted to vote on everything except bylaws and matters dealing with finances, does that mean that Member B should be considered "out of order" if he/she tries to make and/or debate motions that deal with those particular topics? (Hmmm. I have such a sense of deja vu...) Louise
  2. I am a new school board member seeking a solution to a problem I have encountered. If we have an item on our agenda can we discuss it BEFORE a motion is made. My board currently does not allow discussion of an item of business until after a motion has been made and seconded. This leads to problems when particularly controversial or unclear issues are presented to the board. Is there a way to allow discussion to occur before a proper motion is made?
  3. The president of our organization has decided that we are to have a special meeting. It was put together at the last minute and we are receiving the agenda less than two days before the meeting. In this special meeting, the agenda lists questions that are eligible for discussion and those that are not (the president says we have had ample time for discussion via email). Therefore, we will vote immediately on some questions. The meeting is limited in time (one hour) and we have been told the following: if we don't decide, the president will decide. In addition, the president has threatened that if the meeting is "unprofessional" or if anyone acts inappropriately, the meeting will adjourn and she will make the decisions for us. I don't know that I even need to ask this...how do we as an organization respond to this sort of situation? It seems clear to me that the president has overstepped her role. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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