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Found 1 result

  1. Good day, My local Blues Society just finished an election I believe to be illegal. I will skip all the nefarious plottings that went on beforehand, where the administration tried to remove all competition. Article IV, Election of Officers/Directors states: 3. In February notification will be sent listing nominated candidates to the membership, and an official absentee ballot shall also be printed , including full instructions for completion and submission. 4. The election of officers will take place at the regular March meeting in a written vote, and via absentee ballots received in advance and counted at the meeting. Successful candidates must receive a plurality of all members voting in person or by absentee ballot. No absentee ballot was printed or mailed. The President and VP decided that instead, they would offer electronic voting. They used a survey site that they do business with, which had no safeguards (although they claimed it did - I set up an account, and it didn't. You could change the results by adding anonymous votes). At the election meeting, ten in person votes went to the challenger. The incumbents claimed victory, saying they had 50 electronic votes versus 21 electronic votes for the challenger. There is no way to verify this. When I pointed out that no absentee ballots had been sent out, and therefore the election was invalid, the reply I got was : "In ARTICLE VII - REPEAL AND AMENDMENT OF CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS paragraph 6 states '6. Any member in good standing may submit a written request for an absentee ballot to the Secretary signed, dated, and postmarked no later than fifteen (15) days before the meeting at which the ballots will be counted.'". They then stated there were no requests for an absentee ballad. I replied that the absentee provisions in Article 7 did not apply to article 4, as they addressed different circumstances. I have not gotten a reply. I would appreciate an opinion on this, as well as what (if any) legal steps can be taken if they are in the wrong and refuse to hold a new, fair election. I should mention there are also a number of issues with the finances that are not adding up. Thank you for your help. - Russell Alexander
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