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  1. Under RONR, is it proper for the minutes of a Board meeting for an HOA to include an allegation from one side of a controversy that emerged during a debate of a contentious motion, without inclusion of the other side's contention countering that statement and without any further context? If improper to include such an allegation, what is the recommended way to correct the minutes? - to eliminate that allegation raised within that portion of the debate? or to balance it out with the other counter-statement's contention? or to give greater detail of the full debate? Context is HOA wit
  2. A board of directors had a meeting where no quorum was present. One director was excused, but submitted a report. The meeting was held and minutes were published that indicated there was no quorum, but that there was discussion and reports were submitted. The minutes did not include the text of the reports nor anything about their contents. Under Roberts Rules, what can be done now to get those reports available to the membership? Are meeting minutes supposed to include reports?
  3. My organization typically holds board meetings at the beginning of the 2nd week of the month. Those minutes are published in the newsletter, which is distributed in the first week of the month, following the approval of those minutes. This timing means the board meeting minutes aren't distributed to the membership until nearly 2 months after the meeting took place. We are looking for a proper way to distribute those minutes sooner than 2 months after the meeting. An earlier reply on this subject states: "You cannot approve the minutes via email unless the bylaws allow for voting via emai
  4. During the Annual Meeting of our Condo Association, the President distributed a letter about an owner. He had the Vice President read the letter out loud to all in attendance. I assumed the reason the Vice President read the letter out loud during the meeting was to make it a matter of record. The letter contained many false statements about the owner. When the minutes of the Annual meeting were published, there was no mention of the letter or that it had been read during the meeting. Can the Board Secretary deliberately omit the letter and the actions of the Board from th
  5. Hi all, I have a technical question regarding this motion. What happens to the motion to reconsider and enter on the minutes if 1) the meeting when this motion was raise has adjourned; and 2) when this motion was raised at the meeting it was seconded but the individual raising the motion did not indicate whether he/she was in the affirmative for the initial vote of the reconsidering motion and the chair also did not follow in asking whether this person voted in the affirmative or not? Does this motion get dropped (due to incorrect procedure)? or Is this motion to reconsider deemed v
  6. When I am writing up the minutes of our quarterly board meeting to send out to our homeowners, how much of the treasurer's report do I include in the minutes? How much detail do I need to put? For instance, is it ok to say there were only 2 dispursements this quarter and then list what they were and for how much? Or do I just say that I am sending the treasurer's report(which, by the way, is very vague) along with the minutes? Thank you.
  7. Our Board of Directors usually has meetings every two months, but our bylaws allow mail votes without meeting. When if ever do such votes need to be recorded in meeting minutes?
  8. If someone makes a motion (and it is seconded) and then discussion takes place and that person then removes their motion, do we still document that in minutes? If so, do we document the conversation that led that person to remove their motion then?
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    Are minutes considered to be legal documents?
  10. Good morning all. I have a general question about procedure as it involves our HOA. At our last annual meeting, a motion was made from the floor, overwhelmingly seconded, regarding rules for the current voting for board members. (our state legislature recently changed some of the election laws that allow representatives of a person running, not the candidate to observe the count) The board indicated they would not allow the observation of the count and denied the motion, as the rules for the count had already been approved in a prior board meeting. The minutes were just released by th
  11. Is there ever a scenario in which a committee should be appointed to approve the minutes? What about a special meeting?
  12. The secretary of our organization has not provided drafts of the minutes in advance of the general membership meetings for me to review. I am not comfortable approving something I've not read. We have not approved minutes for the entire year as a result of not having them prepared or giving them to me 20 minutes before a meeting. Once I read them, they required changes. I suggested we call a special general membership meeting to approve the minutes. (3 days notice). I can get a quorum. If we do not do this, can the next new board consisting of 3/5 new members and a new general memeberhsip base
  13. X-board members are demanding that ALL minutes and financial reports are to be mailed to any member that is not present at a previously or special called meeting. (board members, past board members and regular membership) This has not been addressed in by laws... Should a by law be created to cover the above issue or is there an established rule to follow ? Thanking you in advance !
  14. Guest


    Should the minutes contain the names of the directors and how they voted when showing the results of a motion? Or should they just stipulate passed or failed 4-0 or whatever the number may be?
  15. For business organization boards or church boards that meet monthly, is it customary or acceptable to publish (email) meeting minutes (to board members) after each meeting. Would that apply to a church association that holds semi-annual meetings?
  16. Hi everyone I'm writing my thesis in sociology on meeting facilitation techniques, and for my historical analysis I I would like to collect historical meeting minutes, in which Robert's rules were used. Do anyone know how to find such minutes? Kind regards, Joanna Hagstrøm
  17. If the list of attendees is incorrect and I don't say something, letting the minutes be accepted as written, can I contest them months later?
  18. Guest

    Meeting Minutes

    Can a Secretary submit meeting minutes to the chair for review and comment (not approval) while in draft form prior to distributing to the board? Also I requested the attendance list which is in the chair's possession to include in the minutes (as we always do) and complete the draft for circulation. I was informed that all changes must be made at the general meeting and chair will not provide give me the list of attendees to complete the draft of the minutes. How do I proceed in distributing the minutes to the board in advance of the meeting knowing that the attendance list is not complete?
  19. How should the President be referred to in minutes. Should it be President Jane or just the first name. Here is an example. Thank you · Jane Doe gave a convention report and read an invitation to the 2017 Convention.
  20. We cancelled a meeting and only submitted written reports via email. Do we write minutes for the cancelled meeting and refer to the written reports so that is put into our permanent record of meetings? If yes, Is there an example of the wording for such minutes? Thanks
  21. This is a follow-up question regarding my previous question concerning "dispense reading of minutes". If an assembly introduces a "special rule of order" to never read the minutes, how does the chair declare them approved? I read in RONR the suggestion for not reading the minutes at the next meeting by sending draft copies to all members prior to the meeting where reading would occur and if no corrections/additions are presented at the meeting, the Chair simply announces the minutes are approved as written (or in the event of corrections/additions, "approved with corrections/additions").
  22. In my professional organization, it is written into our by-laws that only members can attend meetings. At the previous AGM, a non-member was in the room for the entire meeting. Can I object to the minutes being voted on, thus becoming part of our organizations permanent records, at the next AGM as that previous meeting was not held according to our by-laws?
  23. Can minutes only be corrected at the next consecutive meeting, or can minutes from a prior meeting be corrected? For example, can the minutes for the May 2015 meeting (which were not corrected at the next consecutive meeting which was held in November 2015) be corrected at the May 2016 meeting?
  24. Guest


    We have a new Clerk and I'm pretty new so I'm unsure how to answer her question. She's wondering if it's really necessary in the minutes to use the words "aye/nay" to list how each Trustee voted. Can she use Yes/No instead?
  25. Guest

    Deputy Clerk

    Do the minutes need to follow what the agenda says? For example, an item on the agenda being "Approve to allocate $5,000 to the park department to finish a building". But, at the meeting the Board decided to allocate $8,000 instead. Is this ok? I didn't know if the minutes had to be exact as the agenda. Please help!
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