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  1. Is it appropriate or permissible for the Secretary to be a member of the minutes approval Committee? If prohibited, please provide a citation.
  2. Under RONR, is it proper for the minutes of a Board meeting for an HOA to include an allegation from one side of a controversy that emerged during a debate of a contentious motion, without inclusion of the other side's contention countering that statement and without any further context? If improper to include such an allegation, what is the recommended way to correct the minutes? - to eliminate that allegation raised within that portion of the debate? or to balance it out with the other counter-statement's contention? or to give greater detail of the full debate? Context is HOA with bylaws that rely on RONR 11th ed. (although those who remember me from a previous question will know that for the time being, we have to interpret the rest of our bylaws in a common sense way until we can re-insert a missing "not" into our parliamentary authority bylaw). Our bylaws contain no specific provision pertaining to minutes, other than that our secretary has the authority to prepare the minutes, so presumably they are to be prepared in accordance with RONR 11th ed. In our February meeting of the Board, a major motion was brought to the floor to remove a Board member, that action being brought under a bylaw requiring 2/3 vote of Board directors present and voting. Debate was rather ragged, in one instance featuring a claim by the defending Board member speaking in his defense. The Board member who had made the motion interrupted without properly gaining the floor, alleging that he had "first-hand" knowledge the defending Board member's contention was false. Draft minutes prepared by the HOA's managing agent contain 3 bulleted items about that portion of the Board meeting - First, a very embellished version of the motion is given, adding significantly more detail than was actually stated in the motion itself. When the vote was actually taken on the motion, the presiding officer did not re-state the motion; and the version of the motion given in the minutes includes content that was not even discussed during the debate. (But that's not my question here; for purposes of this question, presume that the motion as it stood at the time of the vote is being presented in the minutes accurately.) Second, the minutes state that debate was held, a vote was taken, and the motion failed. (The actual vote count is not recorded in the minutes. Similarly, that is not the issue in this particular question.) Finally, in a third bullet after stating the result (i.e., almost as if implying a comment after the debate), the minutes state that [name of officer] stated that [allegation], providing the allegation that was stated by the interrupting Board member (i.e., on the failing side of the vote), without stating the original contention counter to that allegation (i.e., on the winning side of the vote) and without any further context. This highly selective choice of one piece of a much larger, very contentious debate strikes me as the sort of subjective content discouraged from being in minutes that are prepared within the rules of order prescribed by RONR. Comments or suggestions?
  3. A board of directors had a meeting where no quorum was present. One director was excused, but submitted a report. The meeting was held and minutes were published that indicated there was no quorum, but that there was discussion and reports were submitted. The minutes did not include the text of the reports nor anything about their contents. Under Roberts Rules, what can be done now to get those reports available to the membership? Are meeting minutes supposed to include reports?
  4. My organization typically holds board meetings at the beginning of the 2nd week of the month. Those minutes are published in the newsletter, which is distributed in the first week of the month, following the approval of those minutes. This timing means the board meeting minutes aren't distributed to the membership until nearly 2 months after the meeting took place. We are looking for a proper way to distribute those minutes sooner than 2 months after the meeting. An earlier reply on this subject states: "You cannot approve the minutes via email unless the bylaws allow for voting via email." Our bylaws contain the following statement: "Voting by Board members can be oral or by a show of hands, if meeting in person, or via electronic transmissions at the discretion of the presiding officer." Is this statement sufficient to allow the board to approve board meeting minutes via email? Our current practice is to have the recording secretary send the minutes to all board members, allow several days for corrections, then send a final version of the corrected minutes several days after that.
  5. During the Annual Meeting of our Condo Association, the President distributed a letter about an owner. He had the Vice President read the letter out loud to all in attendance. I assumed the reason the Vice President read the letter out loud during the meeting was to make it a matter of record. The letter contained many false statements about the owner. When the minutes of the Annual meeting were published, there was no mention of the letter or that it had been read during the meeting. Can the Board Secretary deliberately omit the letter and the actions of the Board from the minutes? Before the minutes are approved by the membership, can a motion be made to correct the minutes. If so, how does the owner word the motion to add the missing letter? Many thanks. Nancy
  6. Hi all, I have a technical question regarding this motion. What happens to the motion to reconsider and enter on the minutes if 1) the meeting when this motion was raise has adjourned; and 2) when this motion was raised at the meeting it was seconded but the individual raising the motion did not indicate whether he/she was in the affirmative for the initial vote of the reconsidering motion and the chair also did not follow in asking whether this person voted in the affirmative or not? Does this motion get dropped (due to incorrect procedure)? or Is this motion to reconsider deemed valid and can be recalled at the next meeting? I do realize that if this doesn't work out, a rescind motion can be put in front of the members at the next meeting (with notice of course). thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. When I am writing up the minutes of our quarterly board meeting to send out to our homeowners, how much of the treasurer's report do I include in the minutes? How much detail do I need to put? For instance, is it ok to say there were only 2 dispursements this quarter and then list what they were and for how much? Or do I just say that I am sending the treasurer's report(which, by the way, is very vague) along with the minutes? Thank you.
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