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Found 138 results

  1. Guest

    Incomplete main motion

    A Motion was made and seconded. The Chair accepted the motion and asked for a voice vote. It appeared that the aye's were loudest. He then asked for a show of hands. In our organization. members have varied votes based on lots owned. The show of hands was objected to. The Chair stated that they did not know how to count the variable vote total and moved on to additional aganda items. Can this be done or does the main motion have to be completed? A second motion to table was made and seconded. before a vote could be taken a member stated the motion was printed on the ballot so lets vote. The chair allowed the item to be voted on, even though the motion to table had been made.
  2. Guest

    Subsidiary motions

    How many subsidiary motions can be made?
  3. Guest

    established policies

    Once a policy has been adopted by the membership, is there any time limit that the policy remains in effect? For instance, the membership votes that members must attend 2 meetings/year to be eligible to receive an award. Does that policy remain in effect until such time that the membership votes to change the policy or is there a standardized time limit?
  4. Regarding a Board of Directions, if there is an agenda item that requires discussion prior to having a motion and a vote, is there a proper way to limit each directors time on their discussion? We have a board member that dominates discussions and prevents others from getting their points across. This causes the agenda time limit to be exceeded. We are considering using an egg timer so that each person has an allotted time to speak. Is there something specific that needs to be done prior to doing this? Do I need to have a motion to limit the discussion to 3 minutes each and have that approved on the agenda?? Thanks for the input.
  5. What is the difference between making a recommendation and a motion? Does a recommendation need a second?
  6. I'm a new Pres. & was just told that under Robert's Rules, officers may not enter motions or 2nd motions at regular meetings. I know there are restrictions when the officer is making a committee recommendation but are officers never allowed to move or 2nd regarding regular business? There is no prohibition in our by-laws. Thank you.
  7. Guest

    Proper use of motions

    Synopsis: Local government Policy lays out Roberts Rules as the structure for agenda items for public council meetings. An agenda item is listed as a topic for discussion under the category of new business. No action or resolution is expected as it is simply to enable council members to have an open discussion to garner consensus on whether it is an item of interest that might require future action. There is also no policy in place that dictates open discussion to occur at a sub committee level. Question: Once the agenda is approved with the discussion item listed, are council members required to put forth a motion to accept this as an item for discussion, or by way of accepting the agenda has Council already accepted this as an item for discussion?
  8. Guest


    Is Consider Informally amendable? My 10th edition of RONR says it is NOT amendable. My 11th edition of RONR says it is amendable. Have the characteristics for that motion changed between the two editions?
  9. Guest

    Chair motioning

    Hi there, Can a Chairman make a motion? We have an Executive Board made up for 4 table officers (Chair, 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, Secretary/Treasurer) and 5 sector representatives. Our Chairman would like to make a motion at our meeting Sunday. Thank you, Andrea
  10. An agenda item (Approval of Board Agenda) was briefly discussed during the board meeting. The Chair asked if there were any abstentions. The Board replied no. No motion or vote was entertained to approve the baord agenda. Should the minutes be noted to reflect the oversight and have it address at the next Board meeting?
  11. I was wondering if motions that had passed during a previous Executive boards rein, do these carry over to the new presiding officers? Do motions bind the hands of a new body after an election? I would thing by-law changes would but I am uncertain about motions? Can someone advise and reference where it may or may not support the expunging of previous sessions passed motions?
  12. Hello! My fraternity uses Robert's Rules during our weekly business meetings, and recently there has been debate about how to correctly bring up a subject. The big question is: when is the correct time to use "I move [x]" or "I motion [x]"? Your input would be much appreciated!
  13. Guest

    Motion & Votes

    I recently brought up a motion at are regular membership meeting. The motion was discussed and voted on, it passed pending the submission of a certain document. I submitted the necessary document to our President a few days before our Executive Board meeting where I was under the impression that the motion was explained the Executive Board would vote on the motion and the matter would be done with. At the Executive Board meeting I was told that since it was originally brought up at the membership meeting that it would have to go back before them to be voted on again. I don't believe that this is the proper procedure under Roberts Rules of Order. Would appreciate any information that anyone could give me or direct me to the section in Roberts Rules that I can print out so that I can actually find out if I'm right or if our President is right. You can contact me direct at Coastie55@aol.com Thanks Bob
  14. I am a member of a non-profit, member owned bridge club. We are in the midst of a legal action where one member is suing one of the voluntary board members and one of our game directors as a result of disciplinary action imposed resulting from the Zero Tolerance Policy enforced according to the American Contract Bridge League's policies for member clubs. Our Board has received a petition for a "Special" meeting (in accordance with our Constitution with 10 signatures) requesting more information about the law suit. Details can not be discussed at the meeting as both parties have engaged lawyers. A factual statement will be shared with the members but prepared by the club's lawyer. The question is whether motions from the floor at this meeting must be entertained? An invitation for motions/agenda items has been requested up to 4 days prior to the meeting at which time the agenda will be finalized. We are just trying to avoid or anticipate any surprises at the meeting. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. Guest


    Is it allowed and appropriate for a motion to be made in open session from discussion in executive session?
  16. Can a member of a board make a motion that contradicts the by-laws? Such as skipping an election, or changing rules that an officer has to be on board for a year before they can become an officer? thanks!
  17. Guest

    Special Meeting

    If a special meeting is called, following the by-laws of the club, and the purpose stated for the meeting includes voting on something, can a motion made at that meeting override the petitioned purpose of the meeting? So if a special meeting were called to vote on something, can someone make a motion at that meeting to wait to vote?
  18. Guest

    Duties of Chairman

    Can the Chairman make a motion from the chair?
  19. A voice vote was taken, no one opposed but not everyone voted. Can the minutes still reflect unanimous approval?
  20. Does the agenda need to state "possible action" in relation to a "discussion" that may result in possible action? What if a discussion that has been agendized ensues with no intent of making a motion. During the debate a member announces that "he/she moves" and decides to create an action out of the discussion that has just been had. Would the committee then need to wait until the next month or next quarter to make a motion on the matter because the agenda did not read "possible action" even though it did read "discussion"?
  21. Guest

    executive coup

    our ED has convinced her appointed board members that she knows all and that the best way to improve our group is by replacing dissenting members with "her" droids, and they proposed a motion to suspend our annual elections till 2015. they made this unannounced motion at a lightly attended meeting planted with "her" people. I brought up at the next meeting that this was just an illegal bylaw change. can they make this or any similar motion without announcing it beforehand to the members. they refused to acknowledge and we'll check RONR. please help. thanks again to all. this forum is a blessing to all of us who really care about our groups.
  22. Once a motion has been made on an agenda item and a vote has been taken. The motion fails, can members continue discussion without a motion on the floor and attempt to make new motions trying to get the item passed.
  23. Guest

    Sponsors of motions

    Can there be more than one sponsor of a motion to be placed on the agenda?
  24. Are motions required to open discussions that don't require a vote? Or, should all action based discussions require a vote. We often have discussions to guide general direction and further development of an agenda item---seeking consensus on the direction, without a formal vote---should this informal "consensus-seeking" be put to a vote instead? Is there another less formal, but more appropriate process for "reaching consensus"?
  25. Can I make a motion to "End discussion on this topic and move on to the next item on the agenda"? No preliminary motion was made prior to the discussion.
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