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Found 138 results

  1. Guest

    Motions with no second

    If a motion has no second, must it be read into the minutes?
  2. Due to a lack of a quorum at recent meetings our senate has not been able to conduct any business. A motion was made via email (without convening a meeting) to tempiorary allow regular business (voting on minutes, financial report, etc.) to proceed without a quorum presence. Is this motion valid?
  3. Guest

    Motions and Agenda

    Can a draft agenda contain motions? Can Motions be inserted before unfinished business?
  4. Guest

    Motions - in Writing

    I had a board member make a motion to reprimand another board member's conduct and to place sanctions against the board member. The motion was given in writing because it was quite expansive and all the board members were given copies to have during the making of the motion. In the end, the motion was to accept the written motion and submit it into our minutes and we voted to approve the motion. The reprimanded board member is challenging whether a motion can be made in writing and if this motion can be submitted as a document instead of verbally. Can anyone tell me a definitive answer?
  5. Guest


    When a motion is made at a meeting, is it necessary to include the actual names of a) the person who made the motion and the seconder?
  6. Guest

    Move vs Motions

    What is the difference between a "move" and a "motion"?
  7. We're an Incorporated society of a dance club - committee run At a committee meeting a motion was moved, which I seconded to get the discussion going. An amendment was then put on the floor (moved and seconded by others). The amendment was then voted on and carried (I voted 'no' to the amendment). Our chair/president then changed the original motion to reflect the amendment (he kept the original wording, crossed it out, and inserted the new wording). It therefore looks as though I seconded the amended motion - which I'm not happy about. When I queried this, I was told we were following Robert's rules... Is he right? (it seems to me as though I seconded something, which has been changed, but I'm still responsible...) I would have thought the original motion would stand, as would the amendment, with movers and seconders recorded as such. (Our minutes do reflect who moved and seconded motions and amendments) (The amended motion was eventually voted on and carried - I abstained) Your help with this would be much appreciated
  8. Can a chairperson make a motion under Robert's Rules of Order?
  9. Guest

    General Discussion

    Can a motion that has been made and passed be appealed?
  10. A motion was made to elect someone to a treasurer position in a meeting. After discussion, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on the finance committee. Moderator said this was out of order and had to be done later. He said we had to move on with a vote on the person and address the concern later. Motion to vote secret ballot was denied. Person was voted in. Later in the meeting under new business, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on a committee they were interacting with. This was seconded and carried. Today, the moderator is saying this later motion that passed is illegal. It couldn't happen in the same meeting as an election. Can anyone help advise what is the correct procedure.
  11. Hello! I belong to an organization that is having a bit of drama just now. We have an upcoming meeting that has been billed as an "information meeting." Some people believe that no motions can be made, as it is just an informal meeting of the membership to discuss a controversial issue. Other people are planning to make a motion that will call for a Board member's resignation. The first group believes the second group will be out of order if it makes any motion at what has been deemed an information meeting. I can't find anything in RONR (10th edition) about "information meetings" so my hunch is that motions may be made at the upcoming meeting. I'd like more to go on, however, than my gut instinct. I'd appreciate any information anyone may have to offer. Louise
  12. We are a small not-for-profit organization with a governing Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of nine elected and voting members. Appointed by the BOD is an Advisory Board consisting of 11 non-voting members. In the subject of submitting motions to be considered at a duly called meeting of the BOD, may members of the Advisory Board seek to be recognized by the chair and then offer a motion for consideration by the BOD?
  13. Guest

    Seconding a motion

    I am a member of a local municipality zoning board. I have a question about someone seconding a motion. At the end of a discussion of a proposed project brought to the board, one of the board members (A) made a motion in favor of approving the motion. Another member ( seconded the motion in favor of approval. When it came time to vote, the board member ( that seconded the motion voted against the motion. I thought that if you second a motion that you are bound to vote in favor of the motion. Am I correct, or does the person seconding the motion have the right to vote against the motion that he seconded?
  14. Guest

    Committee Resolutions

    Does a resolution/motion coming forward from a committee need a second?
  15. We had a motion in which the secretary presented that motion. Due to that, 2 others separately while the secretary was doing other motions also took notes. One motion was done by voice vote and the secretary noted no objections and the 2 others just noted motion passed. Sometimes we also do show of hands... A board member claims that they never heard this motion presented nor did some others that they say that they spoke to although the motions were sent out in advance and the minutes were also sent out.. Questions are: Is there a requirement in roberts rules when showing a motion that you have to show yes and no's? Since this person claims that they did not vote for this should the mminutes be changed as right now the minutes say no objections to the motion it does not say just motions passes. Thank you...
  16. Relative to the minutes of the meeting, are motions which lack a second, and are therefore not considered, included in the minutes?
  17. Can a committee submit a motion? A Long Range Planning Committee came up with several recommendations, the developed a motion for each recommendation. The members voted on the motion they supported the most. The majority picked the final motion to present in the report. They have been told by the Secretary/Treasure that a committee does not submit a motion only an individual can submit the motion. Nothing found in Association By-Laws to state such in either case for a submission or no submission. Also, can you provide reference if in RONR, told no such thing in 11th edition. RONR in Brief 10th edition p164 states "At the conclusion of the report, the chairman or other reporting member makes any necessary motion to implement the report's recommendations, .." refers to RONR [10th ed.), p. 489-90; p.496-512] Please help me find reference in 11th edition, meeting is going on this week and unable to run out and get new addition. Thanks.
  18. Guest

    Ex officio motion

    I am new to this forum so I hope I'm following the correct procedure to ask a question: Is there such a thing in Robert's Rules as: ex officio motion, ex officio authorization and ex officio action? if so, could you provide a short definition of each? Thank you, BHall
  19. Guest

    Motion not voted on

    At a meeting a motion was made and seconded to remove officers from the board. This motion was never voted on at this meeting. Is the motion still on the table to be voted on?
  20. Is it allowable under Roberts Rules to have four (4) votes under one motion - as an example, there was a motion to take action on A, B, C & D reuiring 4 y/n votes - ie. y,n,n,y.
  21. I know that motions and votes can be made in Executive Sessions but is it appropriate or a rule that those motions and results be added to the meeting minutes. I was told that we did not have to put those motions and votes on record for our Stockholders to read, because at our Annual Meeting the Stockholders only receive the motions of the monthly board meetings.
  22. Can a Director bring up a motion every monthly meeting till he gets a second so a vote can be made?
  23. Is it necessary to record in the minutes which member seconded a motion? If not, can you tell me the reasoning behind this, if it is just not for the sake of brevity?
  24. Guest

    Vote on Adjournment

    Is a vote required for adjournment even if the "adjournment" is listed on the agenda following necessary business and a motion to approve the agenda has carried previously? I've been told by some that the person presiding over the meeting can simply say "we're adjourned" without taking a vote in this instance.
  25. Guest

    Approved motion

    If a motion has passed by a governing board, can it be "re-hashed" at a future meeting without the consent of the parties who made the original motion and a consequential change in their decision?
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