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Found 138 results

  1. We had a board vote that needs to be changed in the wording of the motion. What is the proper way to "void" the motion and have it changed? The minutes have not been approved for the board meeting the motion was made yet.
  2. Hello forum members, I hope this finds each of you well and in good spirits! Hope everyone has a great holiday planned for next week. My question is: can a motion be recalled to the floor for re-consideration and voting AFTER it was approved in the previous meeting? In our previous senate meeting, a motion requiring all members to do A, B, and C was passed. Our constitution states that, "a senator has the power to call for a recount of a motion with a majority vote from other senators." I'm not sure if 'recount of a motion' is the same as what I am trying to do. Part B of the previous motion is what is truly at question. Part B requires all members to participate in an event while our senate is not in session; my goal is to bring this back up to our group to have it re-considered, and hopefully struck down. I realize this is a lot of information to consider, and thank you immensely for your time in effort in helping me. David McMahan President Pro-Tempore of the Senate Student Government Association Miami Dade College Kendall Campus (786)393-8923
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    Does the President of a Local Union have to ask for a second on a motion or does he/she even have to act on the motion at all? If the President does not act on a motion then he/she could dictate what gets passed and what does not. If a President refuses to act on a Motion then could he be held liable or have charges filed against him/her?
  4. Guest

    Order of meetings

    Is it possible to cover new business before old business? We have one topic of new and our old business will take a lengthy discussion followed by a vote. Is there anyway to revise the order of meeting just for tonight?
  5. Guest

    Motions without quorum

    What are the motions that may be made from the floor and voted on without a quorum present? FYI: 300 member incorporated HOA
  6. I was told that a committee report is actually a motion. I tried to look this up in Robert's Rules and couldn't find anything that said that. I understand that a motion is a statement or resolution to take some action, etc, which usually is seconded, discussed and voted on. None of this occurs with a committee report, for example, membership chair reporting on number of members, status of dues collection and so forth. Thank you for your help.
  7. Can any member of a committee make a motion from the committee to the voting board? Must motions from the committee come from the chair of the committee? If a member of a committee makes a motion is that motion regulated to the committee first for a vote? If passed in committee, is the motion then presented to the voting board for full consideration?
  8. I need some help with the topic of ammending motions. If a motion is brought forward, seconded and discussion begins, my understanding is that that motion can be ammended. What is the process for that? Can the new ammended motion be ammended? My understanding is a motion is made to ammend the first motion, that gets seconded, it goes to discussion at which point the original ammendment is gone - is that accurate? How many times can this ammending of the motion go on? At our meetings, we use projectors and screens and type the motion out so it is crystal clear what motion we are discussing. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Guest

    Anonymous Motion

    Our secretary has placed on the monthly agenda: e.) Motion to have ________ resign. My questions are this, first, can the secretary place a motion on the agenda that has not been made publicly and /or seconded? Second, can a motion be made anonymously, this one supposedly was made by phone or email?
  10. Guest

    voting on motions

    We are a small board of 6, can the person bringing the motion also vote on the motion?
  11. Should a formal resolution be compiled for each motion? Should the presenter and who seconded the motion be noted in the resolution as well as the vote count recorded by member?
  12. If a motion has been previously passed at a meeting - can it be retabled from someone on the losing side of the vote? Or does it need to be tabled by someone on the prevailing side. Can a member who is new to a board, and not involved in the previous vote table the motion?
  13. We voted by email and the majority voted "no to pay". We already decided to meet and discuss this matter for next year. Now there has been a motion to vote again but they are asking for half of the money this time. Can someone make a motion via email? Shouldn't the original vote stand....debate closed?
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