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Found 25 results

  1. I belong to an organization whose bylaws state that, “Chapter elections shall be by ballot…” Also, it states that 1) the nominating committee of 7 shall be elected during the regular chapter election or a special election if necessary; 2) “Elected members shall include a Nominating Committee Chair”; and 3) the committee members serve a 2-year term. Also note that the nominating committee chair serves on the board of directors. The nominating committee prepares the slate of candidates to the board. And any member of the nominating committee who becomes a candidate for election must resign from
  2. Our nominating committee was having a private meeting to elect a new board and The VP who was not a part of the nominating committee conveniently showed up and took part in the meeting. This seems unethical to me as she wasn't a part of the committee that was nominated and approved by our body. I cannot find any reference to rules about this kind of behavior in our bylaws. However, our organization follows RONR where our bylaws are not specific. I have ordered a copy of RONR 11th as I am new to this. I am wondering if I'm following a rabbits trail here. Thank you in advance for any advi
  3. Thank you for tolerating a question from an old rusty mostly amatuer parliamentarian. I have been asked by a non-profit to help with some bylaw amendments and unfortunately I gave away my RRONR and am relying on a set from 1914 that is posted online. My question is that I believe Robert does not like a President to appoint the Nominating Committee nor to serve on it. Would you be able to refer me to where he has put this in writing if indeed this is true. I have explained to them why, in general, that this is not a good idea. However I am hoping to have some back up in writing. Thank you f
  4. Guest


    I belong to a membership organization that uses a nominating committee as part of its leadership election process. The bylaws require a ballot vote. This year we have independent candidates in addition to the nominated candidates. The bylaws state: “Except as otherwise provided by statute or these Bylaws, two-thirds (2/3) of affirmative votes cast by the members entitled to vote, if a quorum is present at such time, shall be the act of the membership of the League”. In the event that no candidate receives 2/3 vote do we re ballot until a candidate receives the required number of votes? Th
  5. Hi. Our club has elections coming up at our next meeting. The nominating committee's report was just emailed out to the members, but seems to me they must have screwed up royally. At least one person who I know was nominated for president does not appear on the list and has told me she doesn't know why she isn't. At least one other person who is on the list, says she was never asked if she was going to run again for this office. There are probably other errors I'm not necessarily privy to. I'm not on the board or anything, just a general member, but I can't let this slide by. The curren
  6. If a nominating committee is to come up with a slate of officers, what if no one volunteers to be part of that nominating committee? How do elections take place? Can they?
  7. Guest

    committee chairman

    Can a member of a nominating committee nominate himself for a position?
  8. Guest


    proposed amendment: "The members of the Church Council shall be elected for a term of two years, and may not succeed themselves more than two consecutive full terms in the same office unless the nominating committee can find no suitable and no one is nominated from the floor of the congregational meeting. If the previous office holder is willing to assume another two year term, then they may be allowed with the approval of the congregation." existing bylaw: "The members of the Church Council shall be elected for a term of two years, and may not succeed themselves more than two consecut
  9. Our organization has a bylaws requirement for the NomCom's report to be published to the voting members prior to the annual meeting. Specifically, the bylaws state: "The director shall submit the nominating committee report to the members of the district council at least four weeks prior to the annual meeting." For the first time in our 50+ year history, this notice requirement was not met. I understand from previous posts that the prevailing wisdom on this scenario is that the "report" of the NomCom is "invalidated" at the annual meeting. My naive conceptualization of a NomC
  10. Guest


    Our local organization is a subset of both a state and national organization. The rules of the national organization supersede local rules if there is a conflict. I have reviewed all three sets of bylaws and cannot find any conflicting information. We are in an election year and I am on the nominating committee. This is my first election in the organization. Initially all offices were unopposed but we had a late nomination for the position that heads our local organization. Since the announcement of the second candidate, nominees in the unopposed
  11. I have a question about the Nominating Committee: On page 433 of RONR, it states: "Members of the nominating committee are not barred from becoming nominees for office themselves. To make such a requirement would mean, first, that service on the nominating committee carried a penalty by depriving its members of one of their privileges; and second, that appointment or election to the nominating committee could be used to prevent a member from becoming a nominee. " My question is how would the appointment/election stop a person from being a candidate - I mean if being a member of the c
  12. Can a member of the nominating committee also be nominated for an office? I am a member small private organization that will elect officers and I am looking for the texts in Roberts Rule that address the question above . Our bylaws are silent on this issue. Please guide me to the text in RRO
  13. Guest


    Does the nominating committee (who is proposing candidates for election by the membership) have to be elected by the membership themselves? I am working with a board who is revising their bylaws regarding how their nominations will work and the nominating committee chair is firm that RONR states that the nominating committee MUST be elected by the membership. My reading of RONR tells me that there are multiple ways for an organization to handle nominations (by committee, ballot, etc). So if the organization decides it is a nominating committee, isn't it reasonable that the bylaws can
  14. Guest


    Can a member if a nominating committee nominate himself/herself to a position on the board?
  15. Guest

    Missed deadline

    Our organization states in the bylaws that a nominating committee is to be elected at the January meeting and a slate of officers presented at the February meeting. Both of these deadlines have passed. What do we do now?
  16. What does Robert's Rules recommend when the nominating committee can't find a replacement for an officer in the time allotted by the bylaws? We have a 200+ member organization and it is getting harder and harder to find a president or vice-president, etc. when their term is up. They had one month to find people willing to serve. We offered nominations/volunteers from the floor, but I would not have chosen the one who did volunteer. Too late now, but my term as president is up next year, and I'd like a guarantee I won't be forced to accept another term via a change in our bylaws to keep th
  17. A slate of nominees was presented to the full membership for approval. What vote is required to approve the ballot? A simple majority or a 2/3 majority?
  18. Can a member of nominating committee run for office
  19. Is it proper for a nominating committee to nominate more than one person for a Board vacancy?
  20. Guest

    Incomplete slate?

    Our nominating committee was unable to fill all the positions on the slate by the appointed timeline. About a week after the nom. comm interviews had been completed and well past the deadline to submit, two candidates came forward for the 2 vacancies. Does the NC need to schedule interviews for these belated two candidates for the vacant positions or do they simply run from the floor at our Convention? (Missing positions are the 2nd & 3rd VP's--2 out of 6 elected officers) Thanks for your help! Mary Williams, President
  21. 2 Questions: Does a nominating committe have to be voted on by the current Board Members before the nominating committee can begin slating the new board? Can a memeber of the nominating committee also be slated as a potential new Board Member, or is this a conflict of interest? Is this situation allowed according to Roberts Rules?
  22. I am the president of a small board. Per our bylaws, I appointed a nominating committee to nominate officers for 2013. The committee consists of three board members, and one member agreed to serve as chair of the committee. Before calling a meeting of the committee, the chair spoke with possible nominees and had a slate already in mind, which he then presented to the committee at its meeting. One committee member was very unhappy with this and complained to me. Are there any rules about identifying and contacting potential nominees before a nominating committee meeting? Was it OK for the chair
  23. Our Nominating Committee slated a person in a Director Position (3 year appointment) and that persopn was duly elected. Our subsidiary corporation was in need of Officers and this Director was a better fit for that position. According to our by-laws an officer or director cannot sit on both boards except for the Presidents of both Boards. The Director has submitted his resignation. In our by-laws, a director who has resigned is replaced with a simple majority vote of the board of directors and serves until the next election. Since the director has not been formally installed, can we not ha
  24. If a member of an Association is placed on the ballot by Nomination from Petition, does the nominating committee have the right to sperate and label their candidates versus Nomination by Petition candidates on the official ballot? Thank you.
  25. Does the Board need to approve the Nominating Committee Report?
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