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Found 9 results

  1. Guest


    Can a member of the nominating committee run for office - from the floor?
  2. Guest

    Nominating Chair

    In my organization, there are 7 members of the nominating committee to slate people for elected office. One member is selected as chair. Can the chair vote when deciding on a nomination?
  3. Our Nominations Committee consists of 7 members plus the chairman. The Chair only votes in the case of a tie. Theoretically there shouldn't be a tie if all members vote. There were 2 candidates proposed for the office of President. One member of the committee was absent. There was no debate or discussion between committee members about the 2 candidates. The vote was a ballot vote. The vote was tied 3 - 3. The chair was about to vote to break the tie when one member said to call the missing member and get that members vote. The member was reached by phone and cast her vote verbally. No
  4. Our nomination committee was told that a certain position was not open, so they presented no candidate. The position was not considered open, as the previous occupant had moved and a replacement was elected at the September meeting. Nominations and elections occur at the November meeting. The oversight was discovered at the January meeting. A nomination and eletion was held. But someone used the word "appointed by the president to fill a vacancy". The president has the power to appoint, but feels that an election would be more appropriate. How can we best utilize Roberts Rules of order
  5. This is for a HOA. The bylaws do NOT cover this odd occurence: --ballots sent out for vote --one candidate sends a letter to the BoD president formally requesting the withdrawal from "running" --President informally notifies the BoD of the withdrawal --the former candidate, at the last minute, and prior to the ballot count verbally requests to be back in the "race." --he happens to win AND the runner-up now contests allowing the prevailing party to re-enter the election --ANY INPUT?
  6. Hello, Re: Small organization w/ nominating committee presenting a slate to membership A qualified member was presented to the committee for consideration. No other candidate come forward for the office. Four members of the six member committee agreed on this candidate. The chair said another candidate must be found and did not explain the purpose was to present a slate to the membership with only one person per office. With this information another candidate was solicited. Then the committee was informed they would have to choose. If the definition of a slate had been explained, the com
  7. We have a 15 member Board of Directors for a social service non-profit. We are dedicated to best practices and want to be sure we do things right as we are growing our Board and organization. Here is where I am confused... Our Board is getting ready to go through a nominating process for our Directors and Officers (Pres, VP, etc as outlined in our Bylaws). Our Bylaws state that the Executive Committee is charged to "set the slate of officers". Problem is our Bylaws have on Article for Officers and a totally seperate Article for Directors. No where in our Bylaws does it refer to a Director a
  8. Our directors want to be allowed to appoint the nominating committy and have no nominations from the floor. Is this legal?
  9. By our constitution, our officers are selected by a nominating committee and presented to the general body for approval as a slate. Our constitution states that nominations can come from the floor. My question...if there are nominations from the floor, do those nominations go back to the nominating committee to determine their qualifications and then present it back to the body for approval as a slate or can the body vote on indiviual positions? I am asking because we are a church and we have always voted on slates of officers not by indiviual positions. Please help ASAP!!!!!
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