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  1. Guest


    We had nominations tonight. There were some votes that are questionable to me. 2 votes were written on the same sheet of regular notebook paper, and were signed by the members, not a anonymous nomination form like everyone else, and they were handed in by someone else. They were not at the meeting. There were 3 votes sent in by text, and 3 by phone. There was never an actual meeting called to order for the nominations, nor adjournment, obviously. Can this be right? Everyone who was present sat there for around 2 hours waiting for the results to be announced, not knowing that they were
  2. Guest


    If the by-laws do not prohibit it, may a member of the assembly nominate herself to a position on a separate entity that requires appointment of a member by the assembly? (The intent of this question is on the prospect of an individual nominating himself. Rules allow members of the appointing assembly to serve on the entity to which the appointment is being made.)
  3. I was at a recent state convention which was charged with sending delegates to a national convention. There was a nominating committee which selected a slate of delegate candidates to present to the full convention on the floor. They used an unusual procedure within the nominating committee. First, they asked members to make nominations. The Chairman recognized one particular member first, who made a lengthy list of nominations. Other members were then recognized who made more nominations. On the Chairman's authority, he decided to proceed as follows. The committee would have a vote
  4. I am working on a team developing rules for a convention that includes a nominating committee. The nominating committee will choose a slate of delegates to be elected to go to our organizations National Assembly. There are 9 slots available and the nominating committee will nominate members for all nine. In a normal year we would go through the motions of taking nominations form the floor and there would be few if any other nominees. This year due to internal issues, we are expecting multiple nominations from the floor. I would not be surprised if we had another 20 people nominated. I a
  5. Once someone has "accepted" a nomination for a board position, what is the correct procedure to later "decline" the nomination? Is it appropriate to later decline the nomination to a current board member or is it required for them to decline in person at board meeting?
  6. I understand that RONR allows one person to be nominated more than once. My question is whether one person can be elected to more than one position on a Board? Or does her being in one office prevent her serving in another office? Our bylaws are silent as to this, but they refer to RONR to fill any gaps ... ? Thank you for your help.
  7. Our Bylaws state that the nominating committee will select a slate of officers & board members and present to the membership no later than September 1 of each year. At the October meeting, our members can nominate additional members for any position, as long as the person nominated agrees in writing or by attending that meeting in person. The vote is then taken at the November meeting. This year there was an unfortunate situation that occurred on the date of the October meeting & no meeting was held. There was an individual who wants to nominate someone for a Board Member position,
  8. A little over a year ago, a slate of four officer candidates was put together and accepted by our nominating committee as the slate to be put before our assembly. The four candidates were duly elected. Nominations for each individual post from the floor are allowed. There were none. The four officers stood for re-election this year, were accepted by the nominating committee, and were reelected by acclamation. One of the officers, however, had unintentionally violated one of our term limit rules (we have two different term limit rules). When he discovered his error and before the first meeting
  9. Can a member nominate him or herself for an elected position (Vice President)?
  10. When the bylaws specify that nominations are made by a Nominating Committee, does RONR (11th ed.) require the chair to call for nominations from the floor, even when the bylaws are silent on that particular option? It would appear so from p. 435, l. 9-12, “After the nominating committee has presented its report and before voting for the different offices takes place, the chair must call for further nominations from the floor.” However, under “Some Principles of Interpretation”, p. 589, l. 33-34, RONR states, “If the bylaws authorize certain things specifically, other things of the same class
  11. Our bylaws state that nominations of officers and directors will be made at our March and April meetings, with the list of candidates to be announced at the April meeting following the close of nominations. If a member was nominated for office in March and declined the nomination, can he accept a nomination for the same position at the April meeting if he has changed his mind and is nominated by another member?
  12. Hello, I need some guidance as I cannot understand it myself from reading the information. I have 2 questions. 1. If someone was brought up to fill a position and required a 2/3 vote for nomination, which they did not get, are they eligible to be brought up in the future for nomination? I do not know if it is relevant or not, but many voting members were not able to be present for the vote and are upset that they did not get to vote. 2. When electing a pulpit committee, which is done by written vote by members listing names of 5-7 people, can the committee have 2 members from the same family,
  13. Can an individual nominate himself/herself for consideration as a "Presiding Officer" i.e. "Chair", "Vice Chair", "Secretary", etc.?
  14. Guest


    In our November meeting we take nominations for positions. A member asked if he was allowed to accept a nomination with a hand written letter due to his anticipated absents from the meeting. I was under the impression that one needed to be present to accpet. Is this true/common practice?
  15. A member of our Nominating Committee, John Doe, who is also a nominee for Trustee position talked to a nominee of the same position, John Smith, who is not a member of the Nominating Committee. John Smith then changed his candidacy from Trustee to 1st Vice President leaving only one candidate for trustee, John Doe. I have brought this to the attention of the governing board as a Conflict of Interest. Do you agree this is a Conflict of Interest and if so what would the penalty be for such a ethics violation?
  16. Our HOA is having the annual meeting and sent out the required meeting notice with a proxy form, a ballot form, bios of all candidates who wanted to be on the nominee slate for the open BOD positions. Several weeks after the forms were sent out, 3 nominees rescinded their names for 3 of the 4 open the positions. Subsequently, 1 of those individuals changed their mind and said 'put me back on the nominee slate'. To complicate the scenario, a small group of members within the HOA have filed a lawsuit against the HOA members/BOD. One (of many) points of contention within the HOA has been the us
  17. RR appears to assume that, even if there have been nominations by a committee, nominations will also be allowed from the floor. Can an organization's By-Laws disallow nominations from the floor?
  18. I am a member of a church council. Three of us are now ending our three years of service. Nominations for new council members are being made by the current members of the church council. The president has nominated his father-in-law and his mother-in-law (wife of the nominee) has been our church secretary for 20 years. Another member has nominated her cousin. Nepotism was challenged by another council member at which time the cousin removed her name from the ballot. The father-in-law refuses to do the same and will not recluse himself. Comments/suggestions are appreciated.
  19. Here is a clearer elaboration of a matter I had asked two years ago, about which my board remains confused. I believe it has confused "nominations by mail" with "nominations by committee, supplemented by nominations from the floor". Our bylaws specify a method of nomination only for our annual elections of officers and district positions, and are silent on methods to be utilized by the board in matters of nominations to external organizations, and committee positions that are the responsibility of the board to fill. Our bylaws do further provide that a committee called the "Nominating Co
  20. Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I've been searching diligently for an answer to this for a while, unsuccessfully, and hoping this forum can help me finally get some clarity on this time sensitive matter: THE SHORT VERSION OF THE QUESTION: In an organization that votes by written ballot, and which makes zero mention of write-in candidates in their bylaws, is a member allowed to be elected via write-in on the ballot? Since I don't know which will be more helpful to people who can answer my question, here's...THE LONG VERSION: I'm involved with California a non-profit organization
  21. Guest


    At recent annual HOA meeting president nominated his wife for a candidate on the board. She was not present and could not state if she accepted nomination or not. Was this procedure flawed? What is the remedy?
  22. Guest

    Officer elections

    When nominations are in progress, is it proper procedure to ask nominees if they are willing to let their names stand for election or should the Chair wait until nominations are closed? Our group's past practice is to accept nominations at one meeting, then table them and continue at the next meeting where the election takes place. If a candidate declines nomination at the first meeting, can they accept nomination at the second meeting or are they out of the running? I have a copy of RONR but am unable to find anything that relates to my questions.
  23. A slate of nominees was presented to the full membership for approval. What vote is required to approve the ballot? A simple majority or a 2/3 majority?
  24. Our Bylaws allow for the election of between 12-21 directorsOnly 17 were elected at the last AGM, the number included in the nominating committee's report Question: If the same or similar situation were to arise at the next AGM, would the general membership, by additional nominations from the floor, nonetheless be able to elect the maximum number of directors allowed?
  25. The name of an ex officio member of my association's Nominating Committee has been submitted to the committee for consideration for an office outside the association (the association elects some members of that outside, but related board). Our bylaws state: Ex officio members may attend and participate in meetings of the Alumni Council and its committees, but they shall not vote nor be counted toward a quorum.During their appointed terms on that committee, members of the Nominating Committee may not be nominated for any office being nominated by said committee, nor may they be nominated for
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