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Found 11 results

  1. History: Our non-profit group held their AGM recently. The secretary had sent out AGM minutes from the previous year (2020) as mandated but sent them as a Rev.1. The reason for this was the out-going secretary in 2020 had sent out the minutes to the incoming board a few days after the 2020 AGM, in Feb 2020. The current secretary noticed there was an error on those Feb 2020 version, revised them, and sent out the revised copy, indicating they were revised by adding Rev 1 to the title, to be adopted at the 2021 AGM. Question: Was the current secretary in error by sending out AGM Minu
  2. We just changed Officers for our Booster Club. The Booster Club is currently not a non-profit. We want it to be. Does this election need to be a member vote? Or is the decision to gain non-profit status made by the Officers?
  3. We had our regularly scheduled board meeting last week. We had a quorum and we followed our agenda. A board member had an addition and was given the floor. During this time he addressed issues he has with the President/Chair. The president in return began to argue with him. No one stopped this, they finally got to a point they both felt done and the President moved on to the next addition. Before that addition was complete he gave a written resignation and left the building. The Vice President took over as Chair and finished the meeting. We have been told by our national organizat
  4. My wife is a long-time member of a non-profit recreational organization. The current by-laws state on dissolution the assets, after debt is paid up, are to be distributed to non-profits engaged in similar activities. A change is being proposed where on dissolution the assets will be distributed in the following way--5% to a similar non-profit and the balance (95%) to the membership who have been members for more than 10 years. I've looked at about 5 or 6 different on-line sites about this topic (federal and state) and it doesn't appear that this can be done. Appreciate any thoughts and comm
  5. Does a non-profit have to have bylaws before a vote can be taken to start it? The Activities Board has been in place for years at this apartment complex. Women's club wants to combine with the Activities Board to become the "Heritage Social Club". This proposal has been posted in the complex for about 2 weeks. There is a meeting on 11-3 to vote on the proposal and the candidates. There are not any bylaws yet. According to the current bylaws both amendment and candidates are to be presented one month and voted on the next month.
  6. Hello, I thought that I was elected to a board but now others say I was not. The minutes, I believe were mistranscribed. they read as follows: MOTION: Tom made the motion to amend the bylaws to increase the board to 11 members. 2nd: Pete. Carried unanimously. MOTION: made by Tom to nominate Jerry to the board 2nd: Alice. Carried unanimously My question is this: Tom made a motion to "elect" but we believe that it was mistranscribed and to "nominate" was put into the minutes. Question: The by-laws were amended to increase the board so that Jerry could be
  7. I am involved with a small (~50 member) 501(c)(6) organization Our Bylaws provide for succession of officers should the President become unable to serve, as well as for the order of officers eligible to represent us at our organization's national conventions. Other than that which is specifically dealt with in our Bylaws, is there an official "ranking of officers" that would apply to a minor issue, such as who would introduce a new President who has moved into the position (according to our bylaws) in the case of a President's resignation?
  8. Our religious organization is merging with another religious organization. Our By-Laws allow for members in good standing to attend and have a voice at meetings, both congregational and Board of Trustees. Two of our members, one of which is a Past President (Permanent Board of Trustees position) are now starting a new religious organization. This creates a conflict of interest going forward. The question is....can the Past President continue to vote on matters concerning the merging religious organization going forward? And does RONR address this issue? Thank you for your comments and
  9. I am working on writing a Conflict of Interest policy for our non-profit. But I have a quick question I cannot find an answer for. If there is a possible conflict of interest among one of three board members and a vote is called, how would a possible tie be handled? (One board member is the person with the possible conflict, one member for for and another against, thus resulting in a tie.) Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I am on the board of a non-profit organization. The board has limited power and, according to by-laws, must get permission for various expenditures, as well as elections and by-law changes from the general membership. The quorum required for the general (annual) meeting is 40 (according to by-laws). The total membership is approximately 200. We have tried to have an annual meeting 4 times and have not received a quorum. What can be done properly to move business onward, expecially elections and quorum change.
  11. Guest

    Nullified Election

    A recent officers and board of directors election of our non-profit organization was later nullified in a closed / secret executive board session. My question is, Can an election be nullified in a closed session executive board meeting without the knowledge and consent of the general membership ?
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