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Found 10 results

  1. Example: A motion has passed requiring the formation of a new committee. Can the chair then solicit motions regarding how to form the new committee (election or appointment, size, manner of election), or must he wait for the floor to offer such motions?
  2. Colleagues, I solicit your informal interpretations on the following. A non-profit organization adopts the current edition of RONR as parliamentary authority. There are no other written rules regarding the Order of Business. As customary practice, non-members of the assembly, who are nonetheless employees of the non-profit, occasionally report to the assembly on the work of their respective offices/departments. For the earliest years of record, these non-member department reports were placed, by the assembly's Chair, in a specific spot on the proposed agenda, specifically before Reports o
  3. During our last board meeting, a motion was moved to take an item out of its order on the agenda. I referred to Robert's Rules, section XI, 41 "Taking Up Business Out of It's Proper Order" to determine where the item should appear in the minutes--when it was discussed or the order in where it appeared on the agenda?
  4. Question of where in Order of Business is election to fill Board vacancy in April quarterly meeting. The OOB for January has sequence (after call to order and other events): 7. Election of New Members 8. Election of Directors 9. Election of Presiding Officer 10. Unfinished Business 11.New Business The OOB for April, July and October quarterly meetings has sequence: 7. Election of New Members 8. Statement of the Board of Directors 9. Statement of the Treasurer 10. Unfinished Business 11. New Business I think the election in April to fill a vacancy would go after the Election of New Memb
  5. Could someone please explain in plain english what General Orders means, referencing the top of p.359 in RONR.
  6. I can't seem to find specifically where new members are voted in within the order of business. Would this fall under Old Business? New Business? And, within that section, does it matter where it falls? This could be substantial if as soon as they are voted in they are then allowed to vote as a member. (our club does have a process where the application is read at a meeting and then voted on at the next meeting)
  7. If the bylaws are silent on an Order of Business, may the Board resolve either its own Special Order of Business or the format of an Agenda, or is it bound to adhere to the Standard Order provided in RONR until such time as obtaining, from the membership, authorization to adopt a Special Order of Business or Agenda?
  8. Hi, all. It's been a while. Question: For an ordinary society where a bylaws change requires previous notice, under what heading would the motion to amend the bylaws fall? My guess is General Orders, but I can't find a reference in RONR that makes this clear.
  9. When two readings of an ordinance are required for passage, should the second reading be placed on the agenda under New Business or Unfinished Business and General Orders. The second reading and approval is not really new business because the ordinance has been read once at a prior meeting and approved for second reading. But is doesn't fit the list on pp. 358-9 of RONR, except possibly (d) a matter "otherwise make a general order" for the present meeting.
  10. Hello, all. I'm new here. This is my first post to the forum, so go easy on me. I'm trying to develop a suitable order of business for the business meetings of the church where I am the moderator. I'm getting stuck on one particular--where to put certain specific items. RONR seems to indicate that any action prescribed in the bylaws to take place at a specific meeting should go under Special Orders. So, for example, election of officers, which must take place at the annual meeting, should be placed there. (Right?) How about actions that are defined in the bylaws, but are not prescribed for a
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