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Found 149 results

  1. How does a group conduct business when some members are deliberately remaining absent in order to defeat a quorum? If a group's rules provide that 7 members are necessary to constitute a quorum, and two members won't return to the assembly in order for the group to conduct business, what can the remaining members do? Also, the group's rules do not allow it to redefine a quorum as less than 7.
  2. Guest

    Quorum vs. votes

    At a recent meeting where a vote was taken by the Board of Directors of an Association there were 8 members present which constituted a quorum. Two of the members do not have a vote by virtue of their office: Chairperson (who is VP by in the position of chair because the President elect died), and the past president who also does not have a vote. Therefore, only 6 members voted on an issue. My question is how is a simple or 2/3 majority decided on - based on the 6 people eligible to vote or the 8 people (two without a vote) who were present? It seems strange to me that 2 non-voters could have a huge impact on the outcome of a vote which in this case was a serious one - the reinstatement of a board member after an automatyic suspension for missing some board meetings. The Board argued that quorum was 8 despite the fact that 2 people could not vote and that the majority would be calulated based on 8 people present, not the 6 people voting? Which is correct? Cheers, and thanks
  3. At a general members' meeting, business was conducted and motions made. 2/3 of the way through the main item, the annual budget, someone from the floor called for quorum. The chair counted and we were ten short of the minimum required to conduct business and make motions as per our by-laws. Does the subsequent meeting get treated as a meeting where previous items were adjourned to a later date? Does a new agenda need to be made up to outline the motions? Does the budget have to be reviewed again in it's entirety or can we just pick up where we left off before someone called quorum? Our by-laws refer to Robert's Rules where no mention is made of procedures. Many thanks for your help. Beata
  4. If a member comes late to a meeting and his/her presence makes a quorum, can the quorum be disallowed because of the lateness?
  5. At an annual meeting of several hundred people after many had left, a point of order was raised that a quorum was no longer present. The seargent at arms did a count, conferred with the chair, the chair announced a quorum was present, and alternate delegates were elected to a state convention. The sergeant at arms told a friend a quorum was not present by over 10%, and someone else's count confirmed this after the chair's decision and before the vote was taken. I then raised a point of order that it appeared obvious we had lost quorum, and the chair would not answer my question as to how many the sergeant at arms had said was present. I was in the minority and realized appealing the decision of the chair would have been fruitless. Aside from counting noses personally and raising a second point of order, how could I have compelled the chair to require another count, such as the remaining 175 counting off? I can't find a specific cite in Robert's Rules, is there one I can quote next time?
  6. Somewhere here I've seen the answer to the following but I can not find it. Members of a HOA made motions at the Annual meeting. The chair recognized the motions and allowed a voice vote. In doing this, the chair never determined that a quorum was present; there is no roster to form "clear and convincing proof" either way. Only members can participate. The chiar did not confirm the motion was made and seconded by a member. The chair did not confirm only those members allowed to voted voted, and the chair did not insure that only one vote per membership was cast (a membership is associated with a lot, one vote per membership) given many couples were present and the voice vote taken. There was no point of order raised at the meeting concerning any of the faults; lack of quorum, ineligable voting, mutilple votes, etc. The meeting adjourned with the understanding that all motions had passed. The next meeting of the membership, absence a special meeting for which a quorum is unlikely also, would be next year. I recall seeing a thread that basically said given no point of order was rasied at the time, then the actions are presumed to be accepted by the members., basically "once the bell is rung it can't be unrung." Any help finding the thread or sorting out the mess the meeting caused would be appreciated.
  7. We have a 9 members board and a majority (5) is needed for a quorum. However, there is a situation where 4 members are temporarily suspended and one has resigned. What would now define a quorum since this is not stated in our bylaws?
  8. Guest

    Quorum & New Members

    We had a group with 18 members, but only 13 could reasonably be expected to attend on a regular basis. At a meeting (with quorum), we voted to establish the new quorum as 7 (we set it as a specific number). New members have since been added by a supervising authority, and now more than 13 members could reasonably be expected to attend. Is the motion to change the quorum now invalid because it is based on a situation that no longer exists? (I don't believe it was a change to the bylaws, though perhaps it should have been considered as such.) If so, is the regular majority of membership standard for quorum now in effect, or are we required to revisit the issue of quorum? Thank you for your assistance.
  9. Guest

    no quorum?

    I am on a board which called a special board meeting to fill a vacancy, per our Bylaws. Normally it is a 6 person board. Of the 5 remaining directors, only 3 attended. The Chair wanted to set the quorum on the 5 filled seats, not the 6 total. We did use the 6 total for determining the quorum. Could we have used 3 of 5 for a majority in attendance? Knowing we did not have a quorum, the chair announced we could not hold the meeting because there was no quorum. A spectator stopped us and stated per RRO we had to call the meeting to order with/without a quorum then adjourn due to no quorum. Which is correct?
  10. Guest

    Proper Quorum

    I am having a hard time understanding what is required for a quorum for a special meeting of the members. Our Bylaws state: At all annual and special meetings of the membership of the corporation, 51% of the lot owners present or by written proxy, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business appropriate to a members meeting. We have 134 members, does that mean we to have 69 members present at meeting or is the quorum 51% of those present at special meeting? Most members live out of town and will not be able to come to meeting so its hard to get things done without sending out ballots for entire membership on each motion. Can quorum be a Majority present at members meeting?
  11. Guest

    ending a meeting

    At a recent board meeting we recessed to move to another location (part of a bigger meeting). Once we arrived the board came back into session. During a presentation two board members had to leave which left the board without a quorum. The board took no action during this protion of the meeting. At the end of the meeting we were not sure how to handle closure. Should the board adjourn or was the board already ajourned because it no longer had a quorum? Thank you for your assistance.
  12. Hey all, A quick, and perhaps debatable etiquette question. If a meeting is held without a quorum, does it qualify as a meeting? Any help would be appreciated! Sincerely, Mike
  13. Guest


    Our Local union bylaws were recently revised to allow the Executive Committee to act in the absence of a Quorum at a regular membership meeting. Specifically, when a Quorum is not achieved at a membership meeting, this new bylaw revision mandates that the body go through the debate process at the membership meeting. The membership meeting is then suspended, the matter is immediately referred to the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee immediaetly votes on the matter before resuming the membership meeting. I read through Robert's (Chapter 11, Section 40, 10-30) and cannot square Robert's with this bylaw revision. Any clarification or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. At our last meeting we did not have a quorum until 1/2 thru the meeting. How would I reflect that in the minutes. The meeting was called to order at 7 PM, with 8 people in attendence and we need 11 for a quorum. About 1/2 thru the 11th person arrived. There were no motions before she arrived but some reports were submitted.
  15. I am an officer of an organization that has the following procedure for amending the constitution: at the first meeting the motion to amend must be read. Then, an announcement to the membership has to go out (via our newsletter) saying that a vote will be taken at the next membership meeting. At that second meeting, the motion is formally made and the vote is taken. At our last meeting, by the time we got to it on the agenda, there was no quorum. I said that the motion could still be read, as no action needed to be taken, and I read it. Of the officers present, one (the President) disagreed that the motion could even be read. Who is correct? (If more information is needed, let me know.)
  16. I belong to a non-profit and I take the meeting minutes (but not part of the Board). We had our annual meeting/lunch in October and our Chair, who is new, failed to notice or ask for motions and of course none of our other Board members vocalized these concerns. I am unsure as how to proceed and how to reflect that in our meeting minutes. I also noticed that our interim Executive Director asked only for our Board to sign-in - no guests were officially recorded except elected officials who were verbally recognized. Is that okay? Our Chair called the meeting to order but neglected to ask for a motion to use the sign-in sheet as roll call (which we typically do at Board meetings) so no roll call was done. We presented our awardees some awards and some of the elected officials in attendance also gave small speeches. 2 of our board members informed me that they could no longer remain because of other obligations and left before lunch was served. After lunch was served, our keynote gave his speech and then our interim presented our annual report. It wasn't until after the approval of the report did I notice that we were no longer at quorum. The board made a motion and approved the annual report (despite not having quorum and not noticing). Then our Chair informed everyone of a networking reception afterwards and concluded the meeting without actually requesting a motion. So I am not sure how to reflect all of this in the meeting minutes since technically the report should not have been approved and should a motion been asked to adjourn since there was no quorum. Thanks!
  17. What do the notes/minutes of a meeting look like if no quorum was present for the entire meeting?
  18. Guest

    3/4 majority vote

    to elect a president our orgination must have an 80% memership present a fir quorum and be elected with 3/4 majority. Is the 3/4 of the quorum present, or of the toal membership of the organization?
  19. I cannot seem to find an answer to this question - A general meeting was held, slate was unopposed and voted by hand. The slate was passed by a majority of those present. A question was raised after the meeting as to whether a quorum was present and if not, was the vote then illegal? A board meeting is looming, no current board member is going to raise the question. How should this be addressed by the membership? Members are allowed to attend the board meetings, however they have no vote unless they are on the board. Should there be a point of order raised, or is there some other method to address this. Several members not on the board want the election set aside for vote at the next meeting where a quorum would be present.
  20. Guest

    Start time of meeting

    If a meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm and at 6:30,6:35, and even 6:40 pm, the committee/commission does not have a quorum, at what point are they forced to adjourn and reconvene when they have a quorum and have supplied the proper notice accordign to Robert's Rules?
  21. Guest

    Legal Quorum

    If a board of directors decide to meet via conference call to discuss one particular topic, would this be considered a board meeting? If a quorum exists and its a "board meeting" that has not been published or previously made public, would that not be in violation of the open meeting rules?
  22. Our Student Government members asked a question, to which I could not find an answer. Is the elected president, who facilitates the meetings and only votes to make or break ties, counted toward the quorum requirements? This is for the joint sessions of the executive and senate branches. It does not involve the president's presence on committees. Thanks for the assistance.
  23. Our homeowners' association has an awkward voting process that was implemented in order to try and get greater participation in decision making. Unfortunately, it was not well thought out (or maybe it was) and now we have an interesting quorum situation and I am mainly trying to determine whether or not I can include the vote tally in the minutes. Our quorum is 75% of eligible voters, which includes in person and Special Proxy or General Proxy votes. If there is still not a quorum at a meeting, a motion may go out by mailed ballot after the meeting, with a certain time frame in which it must be returned. On a particular issue, there was not quorum at the meeting where the motion was made, so it went out by ballot. Many homeowners attempted to quorum-bust by not returning their ballots. At the meeting designated for counting the ballots, the ballots were tallied and it was determined that there still was not a quorum. The ballots were tallied, however. 1) Is it OK to list the voting results for those ballots received, even though the motion did not pass? (They contained an overwhelming majority of YES votes.) I am thinking that if the votes were counted, the totals should be reported. 2) Is the motion automatically off the table because a quorum was not reached, or does it sit there until the mover withdraws it? (In the future, I plan to propose an amendment that will remove the quorum requirement from ballot voting. The whole point was to ensure that 75% of members have the opportunity to vote on an issue that could come up at meeting, but the good intentions are being used to manipulate decisions.) Thank you for your input.
  24. Our rules state the following: Quorum Four members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; but a lesser number may meet and adjourn.Lately this is being interpreted to mean that four votes are required to pass any motion. I'm looking for a good definition of quorum in this context, as it is my contention that in this context the word transact only means conduct a valid meeting. There are certain types of motions that have specific vote requirements so I am focused on all those not otherwise specified in our rules.
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