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Found 5 results

  1. The following amendment has been proposed to our organization's Bylaws Committee: "A resolution in writing signed by all Directors of the Association from time to time entitled to vote on that resolution shall be as valid as if the same had been passed at a meeting of the Board." I have to say that, on the face of it, this seems to me to run contrary to the whole concept of a "deliberative" assembly, if in fact deliberation becomes optional. Am I being paranoid, or would the above amendment be open to abuse? Louise
  2. If a resolution was passed to endorse a candidate and the endorsed candidate wants to withdraw does it require another resolution from the originator of the 1st resolution?
  3. Can the Executive Board of an organization adopt a resolution or policy to clarify an ambiguity in the group's Constitution? If so, does the resolution or policy need to be approved by the organization's general membership?
  4. Being involved in neither law, nor government, I am not at all familiar with the purpose of a resolution. RONR goes into much detail about how to offer a resolution, but it is fairly vague on why (the circumstances under which) a resolution would be preferable to a standard motion. They seem to be equivalent, except for wording. The only reasoning I can find is RONR (11th ed.), p. 105, ll. 26-29, but the wording doesn't make it clear to me. Would someone care to educate me?
  5. Should a formal resolution be compiled for each motion? Should the presenter and who seconded the motion be noted in the resolution as well as the vote count recorded by member?
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