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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Email votes

    Following Robert's rules of order how does a committee that meets face to face on a regular basis conduct an email vote when needed?
  2. Getting: Fatal error: Call to undefined method converters::custom_649043() in /home/robertsr/public_html/admin/sources/loginauth/convert/newauth.php on line 55 I am of course sure of my log in credentials, but figured I'd try the "I forgot my password" approach, and that failed since neither my name or email is found in the database. Then, I took a look at the Posting Hall of Shame (Overall Top Posters, that is) in which I was holding strong in second place to the recently post-crazy Josh Martin who had surged ahead and taken over the lead from me, but still well ahead (by several thousand posts) of the 3rd place contender Gary Nobodycanpronouncemylastname, and much to my surprise.......... I am no longer listed at all. I am in mind of my dear friend and confidant Gary from Brooklyn (you know who you are) when I say my cobnuts were in a boil. There are easier ways to get rid of me such as shunning, or pretending you can't see or hear me, or changing my account name to Luger Axhandle (Sheriff, ret.), but this? Why, I oughta............. ask for help? Yeah, that. Help?
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