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Found 12 results

  1. Guest

    Tie Votes at AGM

    Currently our board is made up of Class A Members (3 Directors) and Class B Members (6 Directors). Class A members vote on items at the AGM - we haven't had a scenario with a tie vote with the 3 Class A Directors. We've taken on a fourth Class A Member, leaving room for a tie. The current Chair is not a Class A member, but if there was a tie between the 4 Class A Members, could he step in and vote at the AGM? At our next AGM in the fall, it is likely that one of the Class A Members will become the Chair - would he have two votes: one as a Class A member and one as a Chair (if needed
  2. Our officer election meeting is next month. We offer absentee ballots for this election. In the event of a tie vote for any of the positions, we will vote again that night. Do we include the absentee ballots for any additional vote taken or are they null after the initial vote? Our by laws do not yet address this.
  3. So we had our company elections for board members(3 positions available 5 people on ballot). Elections begin at 8am and conclude at 7pm when company meeting begins and election officals count during meeting. During said meeting and before vote counting has concluded one person on ballot resigns organization. When results are posted the person who resigned would have been in tie with one other person for last available position. My question, should we have a special election for that one spot or should the person who the tie was forged with be awarded the position?
  4. Guest

    Breaking a tie vote

    I am a member of the Board of Directors of a small non-profit organization. Is it proper to amend our bylaws to say that our Executive Director (not a board member) may vote only in case of a tie vote by the board members?
  5. Guest


    A director from the 5 member Board resigned early right after the election of two new directors. The remaining four will be appointing a new director. Two board member want to appoint the 3rd candidate in the recent election and she has accepted. The other two director want to appoint a new member who they think will work better as a team member than the candidate. What do you do with a tie vote?
  6. In a paper ballot, the vote ends up in a a tie. Do you again revote until a majority vote is accomplished? It seems that a majority is not reached to either pass or fail the issue in the event of a tie. Nobody wins and nobody losses.
  7. Guest

    Election Tie

    Can't find anything in by-laws to cover this. The only helpful thing is a by-law that states if its not in our bylaws refer to most current copy of Robert's Rules of Order. If two mebers are running for a position and there is a tie 23-23. Is there a run off? Meaning the same two people are voted on again for the same position or is the nomination process opened again, allowing new candidates and then an election?
  8. One of five board members gave advance notice of resignation, effective today. Member attended today's meeting and participated in voting on a replacement. Is this a valid vote? I can find nothing in our By-Laws nor RONR formum questions that deal with this.
  9. At a recent meeting, the vote to purchase an additional property resulted in a tie vote. The president had not voted, but did not want to break the tie that evening, but wanted to wait 24 hours before deciding. Can a vote be exercised after the meeting adjourned? Is it okay because she indicated she wanted to think about it for 24 hours?
  10. How do you break a tie in an officers election?
  11. If a board of 6 has a tie between two candidates for president, and a majority is required for election, how is that resolved? Board members serve 6-year terms with staggered terms (two members are elected every two years and sworn in at the next meeting). Officers are elected at that time and serve two-year terms.
  12. Guest

    Tie votes

    A member was missing from our Board and there was a tie vote. The superintendent stated that this meant the motion was a nay. My understanding is if there is a tie vote the motion did not pass meaning it was a nay. One of the board members states this is not true. What is the rule on this. We are reconvening on this issue tonight. thank you for your help.
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