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  1. Guest

    Transacting business

    Hi. I live in a homeowner association in Florida. This question of what constitutes "transacting business" came up. Under Chapter 720 we have board meetings, and we have a law that says we can have general gatherings that are just gatherings, like parties. Two weeks ago, we had a "Meet the candidates" night to introduce board applicants and have them answer questions. It makes sense to me that what requires a quorum is transacting business. t also makes sense that there are a number of actions, motions, reports, and so on, come under transacting business. The new property manager tells me the
  2. I am curious to know if it is appropriate to publish voting results (on secret ballot) for members of our committee as either YES or NO for ratification (persons running unopposed) or must the actual vote counts be published? Our bylaws do not specify how to publish results. There is a history of publishing the counts in the past but this year, the committee published only yes or no in order to preserve the dignity of those being voted into the committee. Our bylaws state that anywhere there is an unanswered issue that Robert;s Rules will preside. Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Transacting business

    Does transacting business occur only when a vote is taken? If not, what other actions are considered transacting business?
  4. I am the appointed President of my HOA because there was no quorum met in the Annual meeting which I attended. Therefore, I was appointed as President and not voted in. When we finally did reach a quorum at a future meeting, the membership voted unanimously for 5 Board members to be voted in (myself being one of them). Two things happened: 1) We had no written record (from anyone) of a motion or a second, although we are all pretty sure this happened. 2) 3 of the Board members turned out to be ineligible because they were not in good standing with the HOA So my questions are 1)
  5. Happy New Year! For the HOA Annual General Meeting our Board of Directors mailed the membership paint chip colors, architects renderings of the colors, and included ballots to select the paint color. It was also an agenda item. The membership voted their ballots, absentee votes were counted and the votes were announced at the meeting with one color overwhelming in the majority. The results of the vote were included in the minutes. Two months later a Board member at a Board meeting made a motion to change the paint color. When I questioned whether the Board could override a ballot vote by
  6. When an elected group of commissioners and/or directors cast their vote is it the right of their represented body to know how that elected official cast their vote? This is in reference to the represented body understanding if the elected official is casting his vote in favor/ or against the represented body. Example, Director A through E are part of the body responsible for financial approvals. Reports of the director meetings simply state the vote was in favor or against in 3/2 or 2/3. How does the represented body know that their elected representative is voting in their favor over a
  7. I am the bylaws chair of a volunteer fire department. We have had a series of by-law violations committed by our bod. The list is lengthy but I need some help on two things: 1. Our by-laws state that there needs to be 5 voting bod members for a bod meeting vote. Our chairman had been suspended and the bod bypassed a trial board and held a special bod meeting with no notice to the body. In that meeting our president voted twice in favor of overturning the suspension in order to fulfil the 5 vote requirement. Can he do that? 2. Our bylaws state that no other fire department business can be
  8. A properly noticed amendment to the Bylaws is being brought forth at a meeting at which a 2/3 vote is required to pass. A member seeks to put forth a proper amendment to the amendment. What vote is required to pass the amendment to the amendment? Please cite me to the specific section of (ROR 11). My reading is that only a majority is necessary to amend the amendment, but this seems to be an easy way to defeat the underlying amendment.
  9. Let me explain the situation and then I will ask two questions at the end of my post. Officer elections are coming up and things have gotten contentious. Nominating Committee met and presented a slate with one name for each position. The sitting President was on the slate as the nominee for President next year, as is our custom. A nomination from the floor was made to run against the sitting President. While this is allowed in our bylaws, it has never been done before. According to our bylaws, nomination from the floor are made at the September meeting and the Election is at the October
  10. Our Nominations Committee consists of 7 members plus the chairman. The Chair only votes in the case of a tie. Theoretically there shouldn't be a tie if all members vote. There were 2 candidates proposed for the office of President. One member of the committee was absent. There was no debate or discussion between committee members about the 2 candidates. The vote was a ballot vote. The vote was tied 3 - 3. The chair was about to vote to break the tie when one member said to call the missing member and get that members vote. The member was reached by phone and cast her vote verbally. No
  11. Does there exist in Robert's Rules a formal mechanism for a constituent to require a procedural review of any vote? Or another way, If a community member represented by the assembly challenges the process, not necessarily an outcome, but the process by which the Assembly conducted a vote, is there, recourse? Thanks very much~
  12. Guest

    Change a Vote

    Scenario: A vote is taken on a motion. The meeting is adjourned for the day. On a separate day a meeting is convened and a board member announces that he wants to change a vote on a motion from that previous meeting. The minutes of that previous meeting have not yet been approved. Can he change his vote according to Robert's Rules?
  13. I have searched the forum and read the results regarding abstention and quorum voting and also FAQ#6 and I am still a little confused. FAQ#6 states: I am confused because it says an abstention will be a no vote then follows up with abstention is not counted as a vote, so which is it? Our situation that is being debated is this: 100 current voting members 60 in attendance 30 vote yes 15 vote no 15 abstain Under strict Roberts Rules of Order does it pass or not? Now with a direct quote from our bylaws: I think that if we are going to follow Roberts Rules our Section 4:B should be updated
  14. Hello, I am new to RONR, but need to learn a proper procedure, and have the text to back it up. Our local GOP is having a vote on new officers on Saturday, March 14th, and they have selected a slate of officers to be considered. They also say nominations may be made from the floor. If one challenges a slate, is that done with a new slate of officers? One person I have spoken to has related to me that a challenge to a slate must be only 1 person for 1 office, rather than challenging each office nomination, if needed. I am concerned that I am hearing possible political expediency rather than
  15. Guest

    Counting Ballot Vote

    What is the acceptable method of counting ballots for the election of officers? Should the ballots be counted in the presence of the votng assembly or collected and counted by the meeting chair in private?
  16. Say you have a board member who has reached the end of their elected term and is also up for re-election. Can that person vote as a current board member in the election process? Has their term already ended? Should they recuse themselves?
  17. Recently the Executive/Directors voted in favour of a dues increase for our Non Profit Sportsmen's Association. At a monthly Executive Meeting the Board passes a Membership Dues increase. Our Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Orders are very explicit on the procedure. 1- A Vote must be held at an Executive meeting to determine if an increase is warranted. 2- If the Vote is in favour for an increase, then a Minimum of 30 days notice shall be given to the membership. This notice is Published in the paper, various other medias, as much mail notification that is possible is done, beleive me a
  18. So we had our company elections for board members(3 positions available 5 people on ballot). Elections begin at 8am and conclude at 7pm when company meeting begins and election officals count during meeting. During said meeting and before vote counting has concluded one person on ballot resigns organization. When results are posted the person who resigned would have been in tie with one other person for last available position. My question, should we have a special election for that one spot or should the person who the tie was forged with be awarded the position?
  19. Guest

    Vote to disband

    Art. VI. Some Main and Unclassified Motions. Section 37--Rescind, Appeal or Annul Some embers of our organization were upset that the Executive Board Unaninmously voted out our President as per our By-Laws. At our last meeting (with prior knowledge that there would only be 9 members present) decided to motion for a vote to disband our 501© (3)....5 members Affirmed 4 did not. The majority won. I say this vote did not carry due to the fact that there was NOT a Quroum of EXECUTIVE board members present (1 of the 4 were present) These members NOW think the organization will be disbanded but
  20. At a Board of Education meeting, a vote was taken on whether or not to renew the contract of an employee. There are 9 members on the Board, so a majority of 5 is needed for a motion to carry. At the time of the vote, one member was absent. The vote went as follows: 4 ayes, 3 nays, and 1 abstention. The Board President announced that the motion was defeated. Just minutes later, the Board member who had been absent showed up. The meeting was still going on, and she asked the President whether or not the vote on this employee had been taken. He told her that the vote had been taken and the mo
  21. Is the vote of a Board Members, on an approved leave of absence, required when voting on a motion that requires a unanimous vote?
  22. Would just like to confirm that if a specific voting type is spelled out in the bylaws, is it correct that it cannot be suspended for a different voting type. I did see in voting procedure that if the bylaws require a vote to be taken by ballot that it cannot be suspended, but I didn't see it specifically called out the other way. Our by-laws state: At all meetings, except for the election of officers and new members, voting may be by voice or show of hands. We have a meeting coming up where there will be a controversial item that involves work to be done which has been quoted by a membe
  23. Associated Student Government There is a member who is on the Board of Directors who is willing to fill the Vice President position. At this point he is on the Board of Directors who are the only ones allowed to vote on items within the agenda. Question: Do he have to step down from his current position as Public Relations Director before he can be voted on to move into the Vice President Position? It was to my understanding, and please correct me if I am wrong. The person waiting to get appointed to the position does not have to step down before the vote because said person should excl
  24. A friend of mine recently had to vote on a new contract for her place of business. Everyone who was to vote had to sign in to receive a ballot. The ballot total ended up being higher than the signature total by about 40 votes. The person who was in charge said that it was just a small error and count the extras in anyway. There were more "for" votes than "against" by about 30 votes so she wants to make a motion to reconsider. However, she was not on the prevailing side and does not think she can persuade anyone on the prevailing side to motion a reconsider. She mentioned it during the meeting
  25. In RONR, if a Motion is made at the meeting to allow a standing committee the ability to propose a change to policy , with a specific date to be presented by (date is prior to the next meeting) to the House of Delegates, and then to be voted on by mail vote, is this in violation of RONR? Looking for some guidance. In a nutshell, the motion was made, with several changes needing to be reviewed for the motion to conform to policies in place. The motion was then amended to allow the Planning Committee to thoroughly review the proposal, submit to the President and Secretary by a specific date,
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