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  1. Guest


    Chapter will vote on candidates for membership. The recommendation is decided by 2/3 affirmative vote of active members of the chapter who are present and voting. A member must vote “yes” or “no” if she wants to have a say in the election of new members. The chapter voted to invite up to five candidates for membership. There are seven candidates on the ballot. You must vote on five candidates as “Yes” and two candidates as “No” for membership. Is this acceptable (information that is bold)? If it is, please provide Article and number from Robert Rule of Orders.
  2. Does the chair have voting rights like any other member of a committee or board? I've read in RONR pages 404 something along those lines....thanks for the help
  3. My questions revolve around the process to open up a question and answer period with nominees prior to voting during an annual meeting. The nominations were held at a previous meeting and elections for position is at the next. We as a membership body will not have the opportunity to pose questions to the nominees regarding their potential election before the meeting for the vote. Is it out of order to request time prior to the vote to conduct a Q and A with the candidates, and if not, what is the proper procedure?
  4. Our Golf Club Constitution allows for the Committee to co-opt additional members onto the committee for any purposes that the committee consider necessary. Does a member co-opted onto a Committee have a vote?
  5. Guest


    I need to conduct a vote tomorrow to change number of meetings for 2013. However our bylaws state I must give 1 week written notice to members. What is best solution to have this vote occur in 2012 so I can schedule 2013 meetings?
  6. Aloha, New to the forum. Sit on a board for a Condo Association. Voting for new officers took place. 3 positions were up on the 5 board membership. 3 had sent in letters for re-election. 2 were present for meeting. 4th new nomination was made by an owner on the floor before elections votes to be taken. The person nominated was not present at meeting. The wife accepted it for him. Is this allowable? This group who nominated the person gave him 70% of the vote without him present. That was now over two weeks ago and no one on the board has so much as heard from this person. Thank you in
  7. P. 418, line 33: "unless the voting body directs otherwise…": Would such "direction" (presumably a motion to destroy the ballots right away, or the like) require (only) a majority vote or, in the light of the sentences following which lay out a very clear rule as to what to do with the ballots after the election, require a 2/3 "suspend-the-rules" vote to adopt?
  8. What is a secret ballot? What are the ways officers can be elected? Secret ballot, written ballot, oral vote? I'm completely new and learning. Please be patient with me and kindly help me to understand. Thank you.
  9. Guest


    Last night at our city council meeting, a councilman opted to abstain from a vote. The net result was that he quashed the motion, but could then say he didn't vote against it. It is my understanding that when someone abstains, they must give a brief reason, ie; I have a conflict of intrerest. This council member refused to give a reason. Does RRoO address this?
  10. I was told in my board meeting by our Parliamentary that we HAVE to include on our agenda anything that has to be voted on. Meaning, it has to be a separate line item under the committee name showing that we will be voting on it. Can anyone provide the page in RONR 11th ed or RONRIB that addresses this?
  11. Guest


    Our bylaws require a minimum quorum of six board members to conduct business and requires that meetings be conducted under Robert's Rules. The board has decided that a majority vote by those present would allow a motion to pass or be defeated. Under this misguided scenario, a minimum of four votes would be needed of the six present. Can any one quote me the exact chapter and verse in Robert's Rules that speaks to this? I know that a quorum must be present and that voting is tabulated only on the premise of those present and voting. Example: If six members were present and only one vote was act
  12. The Secretary of my Hoa will be out of town is it right/legal for him to have the President step in for him at the annual elections for which all three of their seats will be voted on for new directors ( none of them Pres,VP and Sec are running due to the damage they've done in the hoa they are tring to control the votes though to get their friends in )or should one of the other two directors at large who hold no official position be selected to vote the proxy's left for the secretary to use as he sees fit. Also can the daughter of a homeowner serve as a board member although she does own prop
  13. There was a recent debate in my last meeting that you must explain your abstention. If you do not have a reason for abstaining than you must vote yes or no. This is not what I was taught and if this is the case where can I find the documentation to back this up in Robert Rules of Order?
  14. Having gained some familiarity with RRONR and as a relatively new member of our non-profit, 30 member board, I was surprised that our minutes seem to always include vote counts and they name each of the minority voters (and those abstaining). This is true even for votes that are nearly unanimous (ex. "The vote was taken: yes‐19; and no‐1 (Negative Na Bob), abstain-1 (NaBob Two).") It seems to me that what is presented in RRONR about not counting vocal votes, standing votes, hand votes, etc makes a lot of sense, helping to preserve unity or at least the appearance of unity and posting the mino
  15. I am a new member of a medium sized organization (55+) that meets monthly. Each committee chair submits and presents a report during each meeting. Most of the reports include recommendations that require a vote by the membership. As the report is being given, the president stops the committee chair at each recommendation and calls for a member to "make a recommendation" in favor of the recommendation (I know .. I was dizzy too). She then asks for a second "to that recommendation" and then a vote is taken "to recommend". When another new member said "I move that .... ", the president corrected
  16. If an act is brought for to a group and someone motions to approve but their is no second, what happens. Does the act die?
  17. I'm terribly confused. A board member resigned from their position in my organization and there is someone running unopposed. Our membership does not want to automatically place the candidate in the position for personal reasons, what is the rule that would apply? Would everyone have to vote and if she receives only one vote would that give her the position? Thank you for any direction you can provide!
  18. Guest

    Board of Governors

    If a member of a BOG is brought up on disciplinary charges should they be put on suspension until issue is resolved and at said BOG meeting can they still vote. We have no By-Law for this issue in our Yacht Club at this time.
  19. Here is the situation: 1. In a large assembly, a division vote has started. 2. While the vote is being conducted, a member raises a point of order that a quorum is not present. 3. At that moment, the chair is not certain whether a quorum is present. Should the chair stop the vote and conduct a quorum count, or overrule the point of order, or do something else?
  20. Guest

    Multi-part motion

    Can a motion be made in, say, three parts, seconded, and then followed by discussion and voting on each part separately?
  22. In a recent vote of the General Membership, we passed a change to our bylaws by a 65% majority. Our bylaws call for a simple majority to make chnges. One member suggested that Roberts Rules of Order took precedence over our own Club Bylaws and required at least a 2/3 or 3/4 majority. My question is simple: which takes precedence -- the Club's Bylaws or Roberts Rules??? Pkease help me.
  23. Guest

    Split board voting

    Need assistance.....We have a board the consists of 5 people. One person has resigned. This open seat is not suppose to be up for reelection until the next year in Oct. The remaining board members are split when it comes to voting on anything for our organization. We cannot even get a vote to get someone to fill that open seat without having a split vote. How can we resolve this issue?
  24. Can an executive board or general membership use email to conduct voting?
  25. Hi, I live in a Condo in Rochester, NY, last year when attending the annual meeting. There was 2 sits open for the board of directors. When all ballots were collected. The secratary ( also step daughter) to the management company only counted the votes, is this legal? The management company does not send out a form before the meeting asking if anyone is interested in running for the board when positions are open, and the same people that are currently on the board they say are running again. So most in the community mail there proxy in before the meeting not knowing that anyone else is
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