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Found 83 results

  1. Guest

    Mayor Pro Tem voting

    If a Mayor Pro Tem is conducting a meeting in the Mayor's absense does the Mayor Pro Tem still have voting privileges? Thanks in advance
  2. At a meeting all five members of the Board were present. Two of the five members vote "no" on a subject. Who may bring it back to the Board for additional discussion and possible revote?
  3. I belong to a collegiate Deca program and I was wondering if the officers have to get the members vote of approval for the budget. also Can we also change how we address the officers...and use their names instead of Mr. President or Madam Chairman? Do we vote on the change? Thank you! Meg
  4. Guest

    Chairman resignation

    I have two questions: If the chairman of the board is resigning from the board completely is it proper for a new chairman to be elected prior to the old chairman's resignation and if so, can the old chairman vote for the new chairman? I would appreciate any responses.
  5. Guest

    voting on motions

    We are a small board of 6, can the person bringing the motion also vote on the motion?
  6. My organization will be voting for open Board of Director spots and a few officers at this month’s members meeting, the voting rules and eligibility have been hotly debated but absentee ballots have been sent out in accordance to RRO (2 envelopes, ballots, signatures etc.) and some have already been returned. The membership had agreed that when they can into the organizations building they were to be dropped into the safe and remain there till the meeting, and then following RRO, they would be opened, validated and counted during the election. It has come to my attention today, that the current secretary of our non-profit has removed the ballots from the safe, opened the envelopes and removed the inner envelope. She is said to have indicated that she needed to know who to send "reminders" too, I believe this is a totally uncalled for and it is being viewed by many as an attempt to influence the vote or maybe even remove ballots of people opposed to her group. I have long been an election chairperson and teller in other organizations and if it were up to me I would determine that all those ballots to be "spoiled", and that we notify the membership and start all over again... all the way back to the nomination level. Your comments on what should be done in this situation will certainly be appreciated.
  7. Guest

    Voting privileges

    Do ad hoc committee members have voting privileges?
  8. Thank you for your thoughts on my two related questions. First: My two following questions are the basis of dispute over the a vote taken at a special homeowners association meeting called to vote on three proposed amendments to our bylaws. The first question is "Must votes cast by proxy-holder at a special meeting held to vote on proposed bylaw amendments be excluded from the tallying of votes on the proposed amendment?" Of our total membership of 279, 186 members were "signed in" -including 60 proxy sign-ins. Therefore, 126 members were physically present for this vote. The language in our Bylaw "amendments" states this, and only this: "These bylaws may be amended upon the affirmative vote or written consent, or any combination thereof, of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total Association vote." *No rules were adopted prior to the amendment vote to allow, or include, voting by proxy. Mathmaticallly, you can see that the necessary affirmative vote total required for an amendment passage is 186, which did not happen at our officially called meeting, which leads to my second question concerning the conduct of the Board and voting procedure. The second question is: Based on the same bylaw language: "Was it legitimate for the Board to create and conduct a separate secret different voting procedure for selected friends and neighbors- done without authorization, knowledge or approval of the rest of the membership?" FYI: This Board secretly gathered sheets of "signatures" from friends agreeing to the amendments the Board wanted passed.This was done both before and after the official vote meeting. The Board counted those signatures as "votes"- adding them to the deficient vote tally from the officially meeting, thus enabling the "passing" total vote number they wanted. This is how the Board simply announced the bylaw "passed". All of this process has been withheld from the rest of the membership.
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