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Found 2 results

  1. Let me explain the situation and then I will ask two questions at the end of my post. Officer elections are coming up and things have gotten contentious. Nominating Committee met and presented a slate with one name for each position. The sitting President was on the slate as the nominee for President next year, as is our custom. A nomination from the floor was made to run against the sitting President. While this is allowed in our bylaws, it has never been done before. According to our bylaws, nomination from the floor are made at the September meeting and the Election is at the October meeting. We do allow absentee voting. Our bylaws specifically state that nominations from the floor will only be accepted at the September meeting (which has already occurred). Immediately after nominations from the floor the campaigning from the additional nominee's team began, and it started pitting neighbor against neighbor. The sitting President stated via email to the membership that she was removing her name from the ballot in order to end the contention. Unfortunately that appears to have only emboldened the other candidate's team. As a result, many of the members are starting a campaign for the sitting President to again run against the new nominee so that members will have a choice. Sitting President is very willing. Our bylaws state that within 7 days of the nomination meeting, that the Nominating Committee Chair will send to the President the final ballot. That has been done, and the sitting President's name is not there as she had removed her name. Our bylaws also state that within seven days of the President receiving this information from the Nominating Committee Chair, that the President will announce th final ballot to the membership via email and posting on our website. This has not been done as it is not due yet. Questions: 1)Is there any way to add the sitting President's name back onto the ballot? Or is the only option as a write-in candidate? and 2) If the only option is for the sitting President to be a write-in candidate, is there any way to prepare the ballot or handle the vote and protect anonymity? For instance, everyone will know if I vote for the candidate on the ballot or the write in candidate based on my simply making a check or writing a name.
  2. The bylaws of an organization to which I belong closes nominations three months prior to the AGM and does not allow for nominations from the floor. The current members of the board are tired and could use some fresh voices and energy. Would write-in votes on the ballots be considered valid, even though the assembly as a whole would not have been aware of them? Oh - one more point: Traditionally, elections are held by marking "yes" or "no" beside each name, with the candidates receiving more "yes" votes being elected. Does this practice (which I have not been able to find in the bylaws anywhere) complicate any possible write-in votes?
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