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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, Our small church is divided on topics which require a 2/3 vote to change bylaws/constitution and possibly leave our current denomination. There has been some confusion as some members seem to believe that there would need to be 2/3 vote just to leave things as they are. As I read Robert's Rules, I believe it means a 2/3 vote to make changes. Can someone help clarify this for me? Thank you.
  2. Our chair overlooked the 2/3 majority required for a motion, and nobody else caught it until after the meeting. Does the carried motion stand?
  3. Guest

    Amending By-Laws

    Our organization recently adopted Robert's Rules to replace Cushing's Manual of Parliamentary Practice. The existing language within our by-laws to vote on amendments calls for a majority vote, which is less than the 2/3 requirement called for under Robert's Rules. I have included the relevant language below. "Any amendment to these by-laws may be proposed at any regular meeting to be adopted by a majority vote of regular members at the following regular meeting, provided the members receive written notice of such amendments at least five (5) days in advance." Does an organization have the ability to impose requirements which are less stringent than those required under Robert's Rules (i.e. waive the notice requirement or require less than a 2/3 vote)? The rules speak to imposing voting requirements which require a vote larger than two-thirds, but are silent on imposing rules which require less. Will a majority vote rule for a pending amendment, or will Article VIII, Section 48 trump our by-law as written, as it runs afoul of the "motions requiring a two-thirds vote" requirement. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  4. Guest

    Vice President

    If a 2/3 vote is required for a motion, and 14 members are present. The vote occurs with 9 for, 4 against and one abstention... Did the vote carry and pass? I have read that the abstention does not count? Please advise.
  5. I am aware that one of the fundamental rights of RONR is protection of the minority, hence the use of 2/3 votes for motions like previous question and limit debate. My question arises when a 2/3 vote is equal to majority, such as when the assembly consists of only 6 voting members. In that case, a majority would be able to hinder the minority of rights like debate, because they also have 2/3 and could therefore pass motions like previous question. Does Robert's Rules mention anything about this scenario? Would it ever make sense to require a 5/6 vote when the assembly consists of 6 voting members?
  6. The current by-law for amending a by-law of our non-profit corporation states by majority vote. A proposal to amend this to state by 2/3 vote at the annual or special called meeting quoting Robert's Rules and section 615 of NYS non-profit laws was not passed because the majority of the Directors and the present voting members believe the simple majority is the way to get things done. Is there any other way to change this to protect the minority of our corporation which is 49 owner/members total?
  7. I am of the understanding that an assembly without a quorum can take action so long as it is ratified at a later meeting. If an assembly without a quorum took action on a matter requiring a 2/3 vote for adoption such as to amend something previously adopted, would ratifying the action still take a majority vote?
  8. Guest

    Paper ballots

    Last year our organization voted to allow paper ballots "following Roberts Rules of Order". The membership at the time understood that to mean that we needed a 2/3 vote of the members present (members eligible to vote who were present) in order to go forward with the paper ballot. For a year we have followed this process. Now, a member who called for a paper ballot at the last meeting (he did not get 2/3 of the vote) is claiming that he only needed a majority vote for his request to carry. What is the proper proceedure for calling for a paper ballot? Thank you
  9. Guest

    super majority

    May a 2/3 vote be called for a motion other than the super majority items established by the by-laws?
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