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Found 2 results

  1. The following administrative powers were (strangely) included in our 501c3's new/first Bylaws earlier this year. We are a public middle school PTO. Only the 5th/last of these seems reasonable to me. Policies -- Seek input and approval of school administration on all matters. Funding -- Fundraising efforts beyond dues must be approved by administration. Elections of Executive Committee -- Filling mid year vacancies requires administration approval. Special Meetings -- Administration may, on his/her own, call a special meeting. Treasurer Duties
  2. Guest

    Editing By Laws

    1) Does a 501©(3) Non Profit need to hire an attorney to edit their bylaws? Many of our organization want to edit our bylaws, but some of the members that have been around for a long time state that we need an attorney to draft our changes in order for them to be legal and what they don't want to pay for it to be edited so the same bylaws are in place. I do not believe this to be true, i thought that our bylaws are written for the organization by the organization with the organizations needs in mind. Please assist with this. 2) Guidance with 501©(3) organizations, Does anyone have any exp
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