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Found 4 results

  1. Can a board member abstain on voting for approval of minutes of a meeting they attended? How would this be handled?
  2. Guest


    Back in may we had a meeting in which the board was to vote on a union contract for the workers of the business, since 3 of the 7 members were union members of the same union - they felt as though they would need to abstain in order to be impartial for the vote, however, the remaining members present voted to approve the contract. is this a legal vote? The members that abstained were doing so to be fair and impartial, otherwise their votes would have be in favor of the contract. Since this was done in good faith, how would the vote carry? A quorum was at the meeting.
  3. Does an abstention carry any value as either a YES or NO vote or does an abstention carry no value and is not counted in the total of votes cast??
  4. As the question of a "direct or indirect interest" (i.e. 'conflict of interest') does seem to come up a lot on the forum, I have a question: Should an organization create rules regarding how to deal with conflicts of interest? And if so, what types of restrictions should there be?
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