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Found 9 results

  1. At a recent Board meeting we had a vote that was unanimous in the affirmative with the exception of one abstention. How should this vote be recorded in the minutes? 1. The motion was approved. 2. The motion was unanimously approved. 3. The motion was unanimously approved with one abstention.
  2. Our Bylaws specify for certain motions "a 2/3 absolute majority of the seated (members), present and voting, shall be required for approval ." My understanding is that, for the purpose of abstentions, the three terms here are at odds. "Absolute" would normally refer to the total membership, thus watering down the vote if abstaining. "Seated" would refer to only those in attendance, cancelling out "absolute." And then, "and voting" would once again exclude abstentions. So you could say the same thing simply by saying "a 2/3 majority of members voting," is that correct? Many thanks.
  3. In our organization we cast ballots when voting for new members to join the Board. Almost always the vote is unanimous. [Our Board consists of 15-18 members at any one time.] The candidate is asked to leave the room when balloting begins. The teller (our Recording Secretary) announces the results when the ballots have been counted. Sometimes the candidate remains, or it the vote is the last item on the agenda, he or she goes home. If the candidate is still in the building, that person is invited back into the meeting room and congratulated. Otherwise a telephone call is made to inform the candidate of the favorable vote. The question: When the minutes of the meeting are distributed, is it proper to state how many votes were "yes", how many were "no" and how many abstained ? Or should the vote be recorded as :"unanimous" or "the majority" ? (It has never happened that a candidate is not voted into office.) Thank you in advance.
  4. In a 2/3 vote with abstentions do the abstentions got to the majority or are they not counted at all lowering the 2/3 count? I need some help in this area.
  5. Guest


    If a voter abstains in order to protest a vote, and then later, after the meeting, wants to withdraw the abstention and vote, is that permitted under Roberts Rules of Order? Is it up the discretion of the chair?
  6. If the By-Laws of a non-profit (in this case, a religious organization) do not address the handling of abstentions when voting on motions, how should they be handled?
  7. We have a situation that because of conflict of interest the majority have abstained from voting. In a simple majority vote defined by the by-laws, what is the outcome?
  8. Amending the bylaws of our condominium association requires a 3/4 vote in favour. If some members abstain, does this mean that only 3/4 of those who do vote can pass a bylaw?
  9. The bylaws state: "Any decision by any board or committee made without a meeting must be unanimous." This was adopted to discourage executive board decisions by email. A vote was requested of the board by email from the president. The results were 16 Yes and 4 Abstentions. Those abstaining included the president and the maker of the motion. The president may be thinking that he votes only to break a tie. It is unclear whether or not the attentions were the result of the board member choosing not to vote or not reading the email requesting the vote. (I don't like voting by email for obvious reasons.) While normally an abstention does not affect the vote, this appears to be a case in which any abstention constitutes a No vote. Am I correct that the motion fails?
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