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  1. Hello, I am preparing our Board agenda and a committee has sent motions wording for each policy being brought forward for approval with a mover and a seconder already listed from their committee members. Is it proper to include this in the agenda? Normal practice for us would be to include suggested motion wording with no mover or seconder noted. Thank you
  2. There will be a motion to amend the agenda, submitting a new motion under decision items. This new motion has been previously ruled as out of order, opposes charter and past organizational practice. Is the motion to amend the agenda also out of order? Or is the motion to amend the agenda considered separate from the merits of the new motion?
  3. Guest

    "Good of the Order"

    Can anyone shed light on this phrase? I have not found it in RONR; I don't expect anyone to tell me it's there. I am interested to know what this is intented, or customarily used to mean. I am interested to know history as it relates to this phrase. I am interested to know why it is not found in RONR. Thank you for your time.
  4. Guest


    I understand that every meeting should have an agenda, but does it state anywhere in Robert's Rules that you SHALL have an agenda? There is a huge difference in these words. In other words is the meeting " out of order" if no agenda is presented at the begining of the meeting?
  5. I can't seem to post this. I'll try again. Our Last board meeting discussion strayed from an actual agenda item to something else about which a motion was made and passed by consensus. How to we treat the item that was neglected? It's not mentioned in the draft minutes.
  6. Can a motion be made to lay aside(or the words that people think are table but is different as in the FAQ) an agenda item before the meeting commences by email which is allowed via bylaws? 2 members are going to be absent unexpectedly want to be a part of the discussion and vote so want the discussion not to happen at that mtg.
  7. If the bylaws are silent on an Order of Business, may the Board resolve either its own Special Order of Business or the format of an Agenda, or is it bound to adhere to the Standard Order provided in RONR until such time as obtaining, from the membership, authorization to adopt a Special Order of Business or Agenda?
  8. Guest


    The proposed agenda is mailed to members prior to the meeting. The proposed agenda follows the standard order of business. One of the agenda items is member items with A through G. When it comes time to approve the agenda may member itme D be moved out of member items to be taken up after the minutes are apporoved or must all member items be moved?
  9. If a member wants to amend the agenda by moving their agenda item up from its previous slot on the agenda (no specific time was planned to discuss this particular item), should their motion be to amend the previously adopted agenda or should their motion be to suspend the rules, thus allowing their agenda item to be moved earlier in the sequence of items?
  10. If a formal agenda is prepared and published, is it still necessary to begin each topic with a motion to bring the item forward for discussion?
  11. The church's annual meeting is the only time during the year that anyone can bring up an item for discussion or consideration. When the agenda is approved containing "New Business, " the time for these entries from the floor, but none is specified in the approved agenda, when "New Business" comes up, is it open to the floor, or must any comments/considerations be specified in the approved agenda? Thanks for any help: this will come up again.
  12. the association has monthly general meetings. a special meeting was set to discuss one urgent matter. only that matter was on the mailed notice /agenda. [some members did not come because they did not care about that matter. after the discussion and resolution of that special matter, the president introduced additional matters, which the assembly duiscussed and voted on. members who chose not to come now feel blindsided and claim that this was illegal. was it? yoram
  13. Guest

    Agenda violation

    The agenda starts with a special rules of order item which reorders items on the agenda. For example it moves an item to be dealt with on the next day to be moved immediately following the reading of the special rules of order. This results in many members missing that agenda item. This seems to be a violation of some principle. What is that principle and what is the status of motions addressed in the earlier time?
  14. Guest

    Edits to the Agenda

    I send out the agenda and record the meeting minutes for my organization's board of directors. At a meeting past, the directors requested changes (just typos) to the Agenda. Where am I, if at all, supposed to note these changes? Do I edit the actual agenda or just make notes of any changes within the minutes of that meeting? I feel that my bigger question is: does the agenda really matter past the adjournment of a meeting? Is it supposed to be included with the minutes once they've been approved and signed? Thanks!
  15. Can an agenda have both a motion to "discharge a committee" followed by "start a committee" doing the same task as a means to change the chair of the committee?
  16. Guest

    Motions and Agenda

    Can a draft agenda contain motions? Can Motions be inserted before unfinished business?
  17. If an agenda was established but a quorum was not present does the agenda become "unfinished business" at the next meeting
  18. We did not have a quorum at our last meeting and were therefore unable to adopt our minutes or budget. Where would I place this in the agenda for our next meeting? Would we take care of this at the very beginning of the meeting, during regular business of the committee or at the end under old business?
  19. I was told in my board meeting by our Parliamentary that we HAVE to include on our agenda anything that has to be voted on. Meaning, it has to be a separate line item under the committee name showing that we will be voting on it. Can anyone provide the page in RONR 11th ed or RONRIB that addresses this?
  20. Does a council have the right to revisit an agenda item after they have moved on to the next item?
  21. A relatively complex motion (5-6) pages was distributed to the membership in advance with the agenda. At the meeting, when we reached the point in the agenda at which that motion was to be discussed, and the chair invited the author of the motion to introduce it, the author proceded to hand out a new version of the proposed motion, with at least a full page of additional material added, and other changes underlined. A member protested that s/he had studied the earlier version carefully, and prepared notes on the same, but was not prepared to discuss this new version, given its complexity, wit
  22. Hello! I belong to an organization that is having a bit of drama just now. We have an upcoming meeting that has been billed as an "information meeting." Some people believe that no motions can be made, as it is just an informal meeting of the membership to discuss a controversial issue. Other people are planning to make a motion that will call for a Board member's resignation. The first group believes the second group will be out of order if it makes any motion at what has been deemed an information meeting. I can't find anything in RONR (10th edition) about "information meetings" so my hunch
  23. Who sets the agenda for a board meeting? The President is who I always thought did this.
  24. Our Committee meets monthly. When urgent issues arise and a decision needs to be made between meetings, the Committee often takes action (votes) on these issues by email. Should these decisions be recorded on the Agenda of the next monthly meeting, on the Minutes of the next monthly meeting, or both?
  25. Guest

    Meeting Agenda

    I have a question regarding voting on motions in regards to the agenda. Our board release the meeting agenda with items to be addressed during the meeting which some items are for discussion and other are put on for a vote. At the end of the agenda we have a line item called open discussing. My question is can a member present something to be voted on during this time? Does this new item of business have to be added to the next published meeting agenda so the public is aware of the prosed vote? Thanks for the help.
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