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Found 2 results

  1. Recently our Sportsmen's Association (registered Society) approx 2 weeks ago had it's Annual General Meeting. All positions of the Executive are 1 year terms. Our Constitution and Bylaws state the following: No person may be elected as president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer unless he has been a director for at least two (2) consecutive years preceding the annual general meeting unless this restriction if waived by an ordinary resolution at the annual general meeting.Non of the Elected have met the 2 consecutive year requirement. No action of any type was brought up to waive this requirement. This needs to be fixed, as it is not correct. Can you please help with some advice and direction.
  2. Are the rules for writing condo board AGM minutes the same as those for regular board meeting minutes? Specifically I am wondering if owners names need be included in AGM minutes or are their unit #s sufficient. Due do privacy laws names are not included in regular board minutes.
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