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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Election Help

    In our election we have a nominating slate. We allow for members to submit candidates from the floor 24 hours prior to the election. When we have more than one candidate for an office is there a certain order to place the names on a ballot? I can think of four different methods, maybe there is more: 1. Nom. Committe choice and then the other candidate. 2. Alphabetically by first name 3. Alphabetically by last name 4. By a random drawing. I am not sure it is covered. Thanks
  2. If the Board of Managers of a condo association indicates that it conducts the Annual Meeting under Robert's Rules, can the unit owners: 1. expect that they can abstain from voting for one or more of the 5 candidates on the ballot for Board membership and still have their ballots considered valid 2. expect that they can use write-in candidates to substitute for candidates printed on the ballot and still have their ballots considered valid [if it is concluded by the Forum that (1.) above is a By-Law issue] 3. request that the tellers be expanded from 2 (Manager and a Board selected second) t
  3. Our HOA sent illegal ballots by mail. the ballots were illegal because they dealt with changing bylaws and according to our bylaws we could only vote on changes via a face to face meeting or via proxies. what do we do with the illegal ballots? they are still in sealed envelopes. we would like to shred them and start all over again. can we do that?
  4. P. 418, line 33: "unless the voting body directs otherwise…": Would such "direction" (presumably a motion to destroy the ballots right away, or the like) require (only) a majority vote or, in the light of the sentences following which lay out a very clear rule as to what to do with the ballots after the election, require a 2/3 "suspend-the-rules" vote to adopt?
  5. Guest

    Structuring a ballot

    I work for a police department and the patrol personnal wanted to find out if the members were interested in changing their work schedule. A survey was conducted and 72% of the members said they wanted a change. A schedule committee was formed, of which I am a member, to do research on the types of schedules that would work for our department. The committee found two (2) options that would work, an 8.5 hour shift and a 12 hour shift. In contrast to most other departments, we don't work our shifts according to straight seniority...meaning the most senior officer doesn't get all the shifts h
  6. Guest


    If a ballot has been sent out to homeowners can it be changed a day before the annual meeting of the homeowners. We have a ballot and received today from the management company of two additional names that were received via mail for proxy votes. There are two positions open but only one person is on the ballot. Does this cause confusion to the people that sent in their votes by proxy since they will not be attending the meeting? This is causing a lot of confusion.
  7. If the Bylaws of an organization call for an election by ballots and the Parliamentarian says they do not have to be used and takes a vote from the floor are the election results legal? The general membership does not know the rules about ballots, shouldn't the Parlimentarian? Can just anyone say they are a Parlimentarian?
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