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Found 5 results

  1. Can an employee of a private club run for a position on the Board of Directors? It's not in the bylaws, but wouldn't it be a conflict of interest?
  2. We have a society with approximately 300 members; they elect a board of directors annually with up to 25 members, including the four officers. There is also an executive committee of the four officers, plus one appointed director. In the past the regularly scheduled directors meetings have been open, with guests’ occasionally showing up, usually to speak to a specific issue. (Not always society members, sometimes volunteer workers, etc.) Lately there has been an increase in these visitors, and it is becoming disruptive to the directors meeting, usually ending up with directors quarreling in front on the guests. Can these meetings be announced by the president during the invitation to the directors that the meeting will be an executive session meeting, or does that need to be voted upon after the meeting is in session? I have read somewhere that all directors meetings are de-facto executive or closed meetings unless others are specifically invited. Thanks in advance for the help
  3. One of our general members has a dispute with an original assessment procedure. He wants to get before the BOD. How does he accomplish?
  4. Can someone run for a BOD position if they have been brought up on code of ethics charges but has not gone through arbitration or discussion yet
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