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Found 3 results

  1. We are a charitable organization (503c). one of our board member rents a room in our building. he hasn't paid his rent for the past 2 months. can we remove him from the board on that basis ? we have nothing written in the by-laws or in the handbook in that regard
  2. The Secretary of my Hoa will be out of town is it right/legal for him to have the President step in for him at the annual elections for which all three of their seats will be voted on for new directors ( none of them Pres,VP and Sec are running due to the damage they've done in the hoa they are tring to control the votes though to get their friends in )or should one of the other two directors at large who hold no official position be selected to vote the proxy's left for the secretary to use as he sees fit. Also can the daughter of a homeowner serve as a board member although she does own prop
  3. Guest

    Past President

    Our 2011-2012 President was reelected to serve as President for 2012-2013. Does the Past President who served last year remain on the Board to again serve as Past President. The Constitution lists the Past President as a Board member.
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