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Found 2 results

  1. A follow-on question, picking up on one of the points raised in the reply to http://robertsrules....-be-called-for/ I gather that when a society adopts RONR as its parliamentary authority, within bylaws that contain no other language to govern any deviations therefrom, the RONR provision which allows the adoption of special rules of order extends only to the society, but that this privilege does not extend to the society's Board – despite that meetings of the Board are themselves deliberative assemblies, albeit smaller ones. Is this limitation, in which a Board cannot deviate even from the par
  2. If an assembly adopts RONR as its parliamentary authority (in the bylaws), are the boards and standing committees that are listed in the bylaws also compelled to use RONR as their parliamentary authority, or are they free to conduct business in the manner they choose?
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