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Found 22 results

  1. ~Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, 2nd Edition~ What does the unqualified motion to adopt a budget mean? Does it authorize "the person responsible" to approve the bill and further authorize the treasurer to write the check? Does it depend on how the motion to adopt the budget is worded? For example the US House 'appropriates' funds thusly: RONR 11th edition refers to adopting the budget as if we should already know what this means.
  2. I am parliamentarian for a group whose annual meeting is in a few weeks. One of the tasks of the annual meeting is to approve the annual budget. Due to some difficult and quite unpredictable economic challenges, the officers feel there's a good chance that whatever budget they propose will not reflect reality. They simply can't predict what income they will have this year. My advice to them at this point has been to do the best they can with the information they have, and be upfront about the challenges when they present the budget. They always have the option of calling a special mee
  3. Guest

    Budget Approval

    I have a different angle on this. Our Property Owners Assoc requires that the membership vote on a budget. Our first budget failed and a second was created per our bylaws. The second was approved by the Board to go to the membership for a vote. The vote was taken and the proxies were counted and the results announced at a Special Meeting of the Membership called to ratify the results of the vote. If the membership voted to adopt this budget does the Board need to approve it? This was asked by a member after the meeting as the Board announced the vote which was the purpose of the Sp
  4. I managed to simplify my question. This is the relevant line from our current constitution (church) C12.05. d. The Congregation Council shall prepare an annual budget for adoption by this congregation, (emphasis added) shall supervise the expenditure of funds in accordance therewith following its adoption, and may incur obligations of more than $ 10, 000 in excess of the anticipated receipts only after approval by a Congregation Meeting. The budget shall include this congregation's full indicated share in support of the wider ministry being carried on in partnership with the synod and
  5. Guest

    Budget Approval

    I am the presiding officer at the meetings of a small church. One of the special orders at our annual meeting is the adoption of a budget. While not mentioned in our constitution, we have a budget committee which meets prior to the meeting to establish a proposed budget for the coming year. These meetings are announced with anyone welcome to attend these meetings and give their input. Other committees are solicited as well, (Mission, etc) and then, based on their best information, they construct a proposed budget for the coming year. It is then shared before the congregation. My question
  6. I belong to a Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). It is a 501(c)(3) with about 100 members. The bylaws state: Section 2. A Finance Committee consisting of the Treasurer and four members to be appointed by the Regent shall consider requests for funds, plan a proposed budget to be approved at the September meeting and recommend to the Chapter such expenditures as the Committee shall deem expedient. ARTICLE XI. Parliamentary Authority. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the chapter in all cases to which
  7. Our board recently voted and approved a budget that was sent to the members before the annual meeting. At the forthcoming annual meeting members will vote to approve the budget. The budget was put together before all information was received from the previous FY end. A director wants to make a motion to change 2 line items to better reflect the spend in those areas at the annual meeting. The president has stated that the members can only vote on the proposed budget, would have to vote it down, the board will have to create a new budget and call a special meeting for members to vote on on t
  8. Our POA Bylaws required our annual assessment to be approved by a majority vote of members attending the annual meeting or submitting proxies, provided a quorum is met. One of the proxies that we received included the following special instruction: 1.__Vote against increase of assessment or if already passed vote to appeal it. Is there any such thing as an appeal on a vote if it is conducted properly according to the rules? If an appeal is allowed would we be correct in assuming that since the instructions did not request the proxy holder to make a motion, if no such mot
  9. Our organization must approve the annual budget by a set deadline. Because of a delay in missing line items, we are not able to see the full budget. What is the best way to approve something on a temporary basis and ideally require another vote when more information is obtained?
  10. My Association's Executive Board decided to spend money prior to the approval of the annual budget by the Representative Council. After the adoption, the Executive Board decided to spend money, on 3 different occasion, for items that were not in the annual budget. When I confronted the Executive Board they informed me that the job of the Representative Council was to adopt the budget, and after adoption the Executive Board can change it any way that they want without approval from the Representative Council. They also informed me that adoption doesn't mean approval. The way I see it is that th
  11. Background: Previous BOD was asked to resigned. Interim BOD took over. New BOD was elected. No information, budget, past minutes, past reports, past procedures, access to website...etc. Since then the new BOD has worked very hard to establish, procedures, created new website, created new events/fundraisers, etc.... Luckily when property was retrieved from very past BOD 2 boxes of past meeting minutes were found but none from the period the resigned BOD. Now question. We have an appreciation committee and they are going to ask BOD for funds for an event. One of the committee members (who h
  12. I am a new president of a non-profit organization. I have been a member for over 10 years. Our by-laws require us to elect a president, VP, Secretary, treasurer, and 3 trustees. Trustees serve 3 year staggering terms, all others one year terms. In the description of their duties, it clearly states that trustees will audit the treasurer's reports and all accounts quarterly. All chairpersons will submit budgets to be reviewed by the executive committee and accepted by the whole association. We have only 2 accounts - checking and savings. All expenditures must be approved by the association
  13. Setting: the wish of councilors is to not make cuts to the municipal budget but simply vote it down and send it back to the mayor. The process is usually to approve the budget department by department, making cuts line by line. Question: How would a Council Chairman bring the entire budget up for a vote as a whole BEFORE it is dissected line by line. Is this possible? And what would the procedure be?
  14. The assistant treasurer presented a proposed budget for the next fiscal year at a meeting where there was no quorum present. The body meets once a month. The body voted to adopt the budget and was informed that they were doing so at their own risk if the budget wasn't ratified at the next regularly scheduled meeting by a quorum. The group doesn't meet in the summer months, so if there is no quorum present to ratify the 'invalid' motion to adopt the budget at the next month's meeting, and the group breaks for the summer, what happens to the invalid motion to adopt the budget that may not get
  15. I know that we are amending a budget line in a budget that has already been adopted that we would need to follow the rules for the motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted (§35) in RONR, which would require a 2/3 vote, a majority of the entire membership or, with previous notice, majority vote. With that being said, can a budget that covers say May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014 be adopted in April 2013 and then revised in June or July 2013 after parts of the budget line items have been executed (i.e. budgeted funds have been spent in some line items)?
  16. We are on gated community run by Roberts Rules. We are developing a policy for the preparation of a new fiscal budget that the finance committee must follow. Some are saying that our secretary/treasurer MUST BE a member of the finance committee according to Roberts Rules. Others are saying that "she partners with the committee to provide data, numbers and any other financial information they need. We would like to know which is correct. Does she HAVE TO BE a member or does she PARTNER WITH the committee to provide the required and asked for information. Does she help prepare the budget o
  17. Using parlementary procedures, could an assembly modeify a budget approved by the governing body (Council) when constitutionally the assembly only has authority to approve or not approve the annual budget?
  18. Guest

    Amend Adopted Budget

    I am at a board meeting and our organization adopted a budget in August. In this budget there is a line item for scholarships. The organization has done well financially so we would like to increse the number of scholarships so we need to change this in our budget. Is it okay to amend our adopted budget? I guess the question is it allowed by and if yes how do we motion for it?
  19. Guest

    Meeting notes

    Can anybody tell me, does the adopted budget need to be recorded in the minutes? Ivan
  20. We are having an annual meeting at church. We will be discussing our budget, namely the salaries of our paid staff. Can we make a motion that the pastor and his family (who are all church members) leave the meeting so that the church body can discuss the budget freely without the pastor and family knowing who says what? thank you.
  21. Is it permissable to ask staff to leave when discussing staff compensation and performance?
  22. I belong to a collegiate Deca program and I was wondering if the officers have to get the members vote of approval for the budget. also Can we also change how we address the officers...and use their names instead of Mr. President or Madam Chairman? Do we vote on the change? Thank you! Meg
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