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Found 8 results

  1. I know that we are amending a budget line in a budget that has already been adopted that we would need to follow the rules for the motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted (§35) in RONR, which would require a 2/3 vote, a majority of the entire membership or, with previous notice, majority vote. With that being said, can a budget that covers say May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014 be adopted in April 2013 and then revised in June or July 2013 after parts of the budget line items have been executed (i.e. budgeted funds have been spent in some line items)?
  2. We are on gated community run by Roberts Rules. We are developing a policy for the preparation of a new fiscal budget that the finance committee must follow. Some are saying that our secretary/treasurer MUST BE a member of the finance committee according to Roberts Rules. Others are saying that "she partners with the committee to provide data, numbers and any other financial information they need. We would like to know which is correct. Does she HAVE TO BE a member or does she PARTNER WITH the committee to provide the required and asked for information. Does she help prepare the budget o
  3. Using parlementary procedures, could an assembly modeify a budget approved by the governing body (Council) when constitutionally the assembly only has authority to approve or not approve the annual budget?
  4. Guest

    Amend Adopted Budget

    I am at a board meeting and our organization adopted a budget in August. In this budget there is a line item for scholarships. The organization has done well financially so we would like to increse the number of scholarships so we need to change this in our budget. Is it okay to amend our adopted budget? I guess the question is it allowed by and if yes how do we motion for it?
  5. Guest

    Meeting notes

    Can anybody tell me, does the adopted budget need to be recorded in the minutes? Ivan
  6. We are having an annual meeting at church. We will be discussing our budget, namely the salaries of our paid staff. Can we make a motion that the pastor and his family (who are all church members) leave the meeting so that the church body can discuss the budget freely without the pastor and family knowing who says what? thank you.
  7. Is it permissable to ask staff to leave when discussing staff compensation and performance?
  8. I belong to a collegiate Deca program and I was wondering if the officers have to get the members vote of approval for the budget. also Can we also change how we address the officers...and use their names instead of Mr. President or Madam Chairman? Do we vote on the change? Thank you! Meg
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