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Found 3 results

  1. A meritorius post from another thread: DrE: I would strongly suggest that the OP contact the National Association of Parliamentarians or the American Institute of Parliamentarians to find a local, experienced parliamentarian. It doesn't matter so much which one, as membership overlaps quite a bit. Also, you may be surprised at how affordable their help can be... many are retirees with this unusual hobby. Well I guess it is cheaper then model trains. DrE: Such a person could then look at your current bylaws in detail and advise you on how to proceed. They could also review your proposed
  2. Our NPO has determined a need to review and revise the by laws of the organization. There are several issues that give me concern: 1. The maximum # of Board of Directors is set at a very high number (30) while the quorum is very low (4). The current number is about half of that and the current board would like to change the maximum to match that lower, and more workable, number. There has been debate on changing the quorum. I have suggested a quorum of 4 is too few. Thoughts? 2. The by laws appear to have been revised over the years and are quite convoluted and include contradictory statem
  3. Our organization would like to invite non-members to join our organization's Bylaws Committee to consider a Revision. However, even though our bylaws give the chair the power of committee appointment, the rules (RONR p. 492-493, ll 26-2) say the names of non-members must be submitted for approval to the membership assembly. The bylaws do not specifically authorize the chair to appoint non-members. Am I correct in my reading of the rules in concluding this is the only way to proceed in order to involve non-members in the committee's work?
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