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Found 4 results

  1. Our organization has about 45 members, an 8 member board of directors consisting of 4 officers plus 4 additional board members. Our bylaws include the statement. “All business shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts’ Rules Newly Revised.” Our board of directors, at its own initiative, is in process of rewriting the organization bylaws. The intent is to replace current bylaws completely. The “committee” doing the rewriting was selected by the board of directors to be “members of board of directors only” – Is the committee member selection in compliance with RONR? (Com
  2. Guest


    When an individual on a committee that is revising bylaws writes a suggestion in an email to be considered by a specific member and/or the parliamentarian, is it appropriate for that member or the parliamentarian to forward that suggestion to the President of the organization when the President is not on the committee and the committee has not agreed on the final wording? Is it appropriate on any committee for information to be shared outside of the committee prior to the committee giving its final report?
  3. The Bylaws Committee has met several times, and the plan was that the revised bylaws be presented for a vote at the next annual meeting. However, the committee chair does not agree with a new provision in the bylaws and has stopped calling any meetings of the committee. Can two of the members call a meeting?
  4. Guest

    Review of amendments

    Two related questions... 1) is the a " proper" format outlined in which how a amendment proposal should be written before it is proposed for consideration? Have heard that it should/can be: Currently says Change requested (I.e amend by inserting the word "baby" after the word "big") As amended would read Who submitted Rationale 2) the bylaws call for a bylaws committee, as quoted below... The current process used is that the proposals go to the clubs and members of board at the same time but before the opening of the convention, the board reviews each proposal and votes on whether or not t
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