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Found 3 results

  1. If a non-board member is part of a committee, but the committee wishes to discuss a confidential matter known only to the board, can a committee member be excluded?
  2. Guest


    If a Board of Director is also on the By-laws committee, then resigns from the Board, are they required to also resign from the By-laws committee. Our By-laws has nothing about this in them. I was wondering if RR does.
  3. It appears as though a committee member has been consulting with non board members and other members, not previously approved by board at the time the committee was assigned with the task of seeking resolution. Committee members were only approved to discuss topic of resolution with attorney as a committee. This particular member has not only contacted attorney on behalf of committee without informing other committee members, but also contacted non board affiliated members while claiming to act on behalf of the board. Further, this committee member has contacted only one party (in a two party member dispute) to inform them of the "claimed" actions of the board. Thus, the question is: Under Roberts Rules of Order, Does the president, who appoints committee members, have the authority to remove, replace or reassign a committee member?
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