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  1. I just went through a planning commission public hearing and the vice chair recused himself. He then was allowed to present the Special Use permit to his own commission for approval. His client was the developer that will construct the 17 acre complex. There was no disclosure of the conflict. The City attorney said that if he is recused he becomes an ordinary citizen and can perform as a project engineer and do the presentation. What are your thoughts on this? I can’t believe it happened!
  2. Is there a rule when a board member does not declare a conflict of interest? Does not vote on motion put forward, post vote states member was not in favour of it passing and now wants roll call vote when there may have been a possible conflict? Does a new vote need to take place even though the original motion was passed and carried?
  3. Can a married couple serve as President & Fire Chief of a volunteer fire department? Would this pose some sort of conflict of interest and is there anything to warrant against it?
  4. I work at a small rural library, run by a Library board, & funded by the city. I am on the "Friends of the Library board" (a separate entity from the "Library Board"). Essentially the Friends group raises funds for & supports some activities of the library. As part of my job description as assistant librarian, I am required to be the Treasurer of the Friends board. Is this not a conflict? Is this even legal? I believe officers are to be elected by the Friends board members, not foisted upon them by the hiring practices of the city & the Library board...? Not to mention, I
  5. On page 407 in the 11th edition under abstaining from voting, line 23, 24, the phrase "direct personal or pecuniary interest not common to other members" (italics mine), what is the intent of the "not common" phrase? This is the scenario: a number of board members were present at an event at the club where poor decision making caused a possible unsafe moment. No rules were broken, no injuries or property damage occurred but this group is not liked Even though the infraction seems minor, the BOD is entertaining suspension and expulsion as discipline. It appears power shift is what is trul
  6. I understand you can vote for yourself if you are running for an election. If you are running for election and your spouse is on the board, are they allowed to vote or should they recuse themselves due to a perceived conflict of interest.
  7. Our religious organization is merging with another religious organization. Our By-Laws allow for members in good standing to attend and have a voice at meetings, both congregational and Board of Trustees. Two of our members, one of which is a Past President (Permanent Board of Trustees position) are now starting a new religious organization. This creates a conflict of interest going forward. The question is....can the Past President continue to vote on matters concerning the merging religious organization going forward? And does RONR address this issue? Thank you for your comments and
  8. If a paid member organization wants to be elected to a committee that funds said organization, it that a conflict. Ex: marching band instructor wants to hold a position on a parent organization that help to fund band, is that a conflict.
  9. I couldn't find this in another forum discussion so here is my question: 1. During a meeting, various voting members declare a conflict and do not participate in the debate or vote of a particular issue. 2. At a subsequent meeting (where procedures require approval of prior meeting minutes), the conflict is noted in the prior meeting minutes. 3. Is it proper when approving the prior meeting minutes, for the voting members who declared conflicts that are recorded in the prior meeting minutes to vote on approval of those minutes? Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
  10. One of the Directors has a spouse employed by the management company that has been voted for termination. Can the Directors be forced to recuse herself from voting on issues that have a direct monetary impact on her? If the management company leave then the spouse may no longer be employed - financial impact.
  11. I am working on writing a Conflict of Interest policy for our non-profit. But I have a quick question I cannot find an answer for. If there is a possible conflict of interest among one of three board members and a vote is called, how would a possible tie be handled? (One board member is the person with the possible conflict, one member for for and another against, thus resulting in a tie.) Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Dear RONR Forum: We have a terrible situation. We have an appointed Board member that has shown interest in becoming president of our 501©3 next year. The issue is that he is already the president of a competing organization that does exactly the same thing. While as a minor Board member this conflict has been manageable, his recent intention to run for the presidency would be untenable. There are already signs that even in the current appointed Board position things are not smooth. We do not have a conflict of interest Bylaw in place yet, this will be brought up as well but can;'t be cha
  13. Guest

    Conflict of Interest

    I am currently a board member for a non-profit agency. We will be voting soon on whether or not to approve a particular project. If the project is approved, the executive director would like to hire my husband to manage the project. Should I be voting on this, as the vote is based on project approval, not who would be working on the project?
  14. There's much debate over this issue in our town related to a school facility issue. We have a situation facing the school board to fund repairs to a debilitated building. The SB hired a consultant to determine bids for the various aspects of the project and to come up with an overall estimate to determine whether it was worth making the investments or not. A taxpayer who was also a bidder on the project showed up at the meeting to present his bid. Difficult situation as the bidding process was not closed but his tax payer rights would have been violated. One of the board members commented
  15. Under Robert's Rules, is there such thing as a recusal in the case of a conflict of interest? If an individual in the voting assembly has a conflict of interest, would the individual be required to leave the room prior to discussion (or will he/she be allowed to participate in discussion so long as the conflict is announced)? If so, would the individual be removed from the quorum? If not, what would be the proper procedure to address a conflict of interest? Will the individual recuse or abstain?
  16. During a Board meeting where several members are in conflict, it was brought up that if a conflicted member speaks on the motion it opens the meeting to public participation during the discussion. To further complicate the situation - the motion was a motion to table the original motion. 2 questions - is that conflicted member allowed to speak on the motion and is it true that if he/she does speak it opens the discussion to the public participants. Thank you for any assistance.
  17. Guest

    Conflict of Interest

    A Director on the BOD-A also sits on another Board as a Director and the BOD-A is looking to approve their budget. This Director makes a motion to change the budget to add dollars to be directed to the other Board which he sits on, is this allowed?
  18. Vp is wife of one of the Board of governors and there is a position available for another person as a Board of Governors and the VP wants her son on the Board. That would be a husband, wife and son. Is there anything in your rules that we can use to stop her from taking over the Board? Please, Please help us. Thank you in advance. My email is neuggie2@aol.com We need an answer ASAP
  19. Guest

    BOD Authority

    We have a question relative to the authority of the BOD of a Club. Our Constitution/Bylaws states; “The Club will use Roberts Rules for Parliamentary Procedure in all meetings.” It Further States; A member can be terminated by a vote of a majority of the members at a duly held or specially called membership meeting, but only upon proof of misconduct or malfeasance or any action on his part considered detrimental to the welfare of this Corporation and its purposes. Such member shall be first entitled to a hearing before three or more officers of the club and may produce such witnesses as he
  20. We just had an election for the B O D. The counting was done by an outside organization. The President of the board staid in control of the election process even when she was also up for election. The vote came in as a tie with the results going to only the president and the office. The counted mail in ballots were sent to an address given to the counters only. I was an observer and VP of the Board and don't know the address. Many of us think this is a conflict of interest. What say you?
  21. The president of our organization has asked me to join a special committee to investigate a contentious issue. My concern is that the organization's executive director has also been asked to join even though it is likely his position willl be effected if the committee's recommendations are implemented. Also, the circumstances culmniating in the creation of the special committee have polarized employees within organization as well as its members. This potential conflict would suggest that employees be excluded from direct participation.
  22. Hello; My wife and I are on the board of directors for a non profit community theater. we decided to put together a proposal to present to the board about putting on a show in the fall. I as the director, and my wife as the choreographer. In the proposal, we also had a projected budget as well as a preliminary list of folks that were interested in other production positions. One of those folks is also on the board and had expressed initial interest in being our costumer. This person was sick and could not physically be at this meeting. All of the above mentioned production positions are paid
  23. Hello; My wife and I are on the board of directors for a non profit community theater. we decided to put together a proposal to present to the board about putting on a show in the fall. I as the director, and my wife as the choreographer. In the proposal, we also had a projected budget as well as a preliminary list of folks that were interested in other production positions. One of those folks is also on the board and had expressed initial interest in being our costumer. This person was sick and could not physically be at this meeting. All of the above mentioned production positions are paid
  24. Guest

    Correct Minutes

    What is the approprate verbage to record in the minutes when the chair has to temporarily leave the meeting due to a conflict in interest and turns the meeting over to a stand-in?
  25. Our club have no "Conflict of Interest" in our By Law or PPM or Guidelines. Our 4 Board of Directors are involved in other organization that we are partner with to set up a big event in two weeks. The event committees asked us to loan $1,100 for musical rental. Our orgnization doesn't have enough money in account but we can try and come up. So, President asked all Board of Directors to vote whether we should help them with the money we have or declined. Our 4 board of directors voted approved. I disagreed because they are involved in other organization and won't help with money too. I believe
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