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Found 15 results

  1. Our non-profit (resident run) Council constitution and by-laws provide for an Executive Committee made up of 5 officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer). The current Chair and Vice Chair have been equating meeting as an Executive Committee with an executive session. From what I can tell, you can't have an executive session without the majority of the Council moving to adjourn to an executive session or perhaps without at least the Executive Committee establishing in its meeting that this is an executive session. Am I correct that Executive Committee meeting
  2. In our bylaws it states that 4 members of the executive committee may call a meeting without the chair's appointment. If our agenda item is an election for a vacant chair seat, would that fall in our rights?
  3. If an Executive Committee is formed, must elected members exceed appointed members?
  4. A motion is made in the Executive Comm. and passed. When the minutes of the Executive Comm. are read at the general meeting they are asked to be approved. After approval the membership is advised that by approving the minutes of that Comm. they are approving any proposals that the Exec. Comm. acted on and the membership does not need to vote on those proposals. How can this be true and how can a membership who was not present at a meeting approve those minutes.
  5. The by-laws of our NFP organization state that the executive committee of the board of trustees shall consist of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and one other trustee who volunteers to serve and is approved by the board. At this last month's executive board meeting, a guest remarked that this 5th person (the volunteer trustee) is not allowed to vote. A discussion ensued about this issue after addressing this section of the by-laws. Does it have to be spelled out that the volunteer (BoT member) has voting rights? I maintain that if the volunteer is approved by the board
  6. Can an Executive Committee over rule motions approved the the membership? Such as change (up) fees ( non membership ) set by the membership. Thank You!
  7. Hello all, I'm part of a very informal, small board of directors, and I'm fairly new to being a board director. This board frequently does not follow the bylaws and seem to make things up as they go. I've been the Chair for a standing committee for about 7 months when the previous chair quit, and our bylaws specifically state that all standing committee chairs are part of the executive committee. I have not been invited to at least 3 meetings that I know of, but my biggest concern is that the executive committee is saying that what they discuss is private, and the board is not receiving a
  8. Executive Committee has 9 members including President. 3 of those members are trying to take over the organization and remove the Executive Director. Bylaws Committee had a cross section of members with different views who met for many months and was able to come up with compromises that all but 3 members agreed to. Bylaws Committee has submitted extensively revised bylaws. Executive Committee voted to send new bylaws to the Board for a vote. President broke the tie vote to send bylaws to Board. These 3 members plus 2 additional members from bylaws committee who voted against passing the by
  9. Is there a difference in the process of filling a vacancy on the Executive Committee by interim appointment and by an election? The bylaws state "Should the President-elect …vacate his/her office before the term is completed, the Executive Committee will fill the position by interim appointment." There are no other directions in the bylaws for filling this vacancy on the Executive Committee. In this case, the President said that the meeting was open for discussion as to whom the Executive Committee wanted to appoint to fill the vacancy. Instead of discussion, one member nominated one individ
  10. I am pretty familiar with Roberts Rules of order and have the book. I was under the impression that the president cannot make motions. At times there is a need for me as president to explain or provide information. Someone from the board then makes a motion and we go through the process as described in the book. However, it was requested of me by our parliamentarian to come to the meeting with a motion that I make on behalf of the executive committee. Is this something I can and should be doing as president? Thank you!
  11. A member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors makes a motion to allow the President to give the "charge" (or instructions) to all subcommittees, and the motion passes. The President decides that a Bylaws Revision Committee is needed; she appoints the committee members, and she emails a several page "charge" to committee members suggesting what she thinks are the issues and implying/suggesting how she wants those issues revised by this committee. The President sends a "charge" to most, if not all, committee members that the organization has. 1. Was the motion to allow the Pr
  12. Guest

    Disciplinary Hearing

    Our organization’s bylaws state that an accused member must be given 30 days notice in writing of charges and date of disciplinary hearing before the Executive Committee, which consists of our annually elected officers and past presidents. The annual election of officers is scheduled for 6/15/13 and they assume office directly after installation which is on the same date. The current President scheduled a disciplinary hearing for 7/21/13. Which Executive Committee members should the hearing be held before; the current one or the one which will contain the officers elected on 6/15/13?
  13. Constitution states: Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings, including teleconferences, shall be kept and promptly promulgated to the Association members within 30 days of the meeting. So if a vote is caried out in Executive Session, do the members have the right to see the passing of that vote in the promulgated minutes?
  14. Our bylaws provide for very specific members of the executive committee including all officers and standing committee chairs. The Chair of the executive committee takes the position that she can invite anyone to a meeting of the executive committee that she wants. What do yu say,
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