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Found 4 results

  1. My board has an Executive position that has become defunct due to changes in different services, operational procedures and external relationships that no longer exist. Question - there is no language in our Bylaws that states how we remove a position from our Board. Everything we do have is for removing a person within that position. Are we able to not reappoint this position or offer this position in our upcoming Executive Elections? We would be removing the position from our Board once the current individual in that position has finished their term. -If so, would this have to be an item that is first brought to our Bylaw and Policy Committee or our Judicial Committee? Thank you,
  2. I'm wondering how to make votes that occur during executive session a matter of public record so they are actionable. Since executive sessions are confidential, does a motion need to occur that the results of an executive session vote be included in the public minutes? Thank you.
  3. Can a member of a non-profit board call for an executive session?
  4. This is in regards to an HOA. We have 7 directors and 3 directors created a committee calling it the executive strategy committee. Under Roberts Rule of Order is this a legitimate committee that can be made up of just directors. Here is what our by-laws state about committees. ARTICLE XXV ADDITIONAL COMMITTEES SECTION 1. All Committees not already delineated in these Bylaws shall be appointed by a majority of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS no later than the BOARD'S last meeting in November. SECTION 2. Each Committee shall have a minimum of Three (3) members, of which One (1) member shall be a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. SECTION 3. A majority of members of each Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The act of the majority of the members present at any meeting shall be the act of each Committee. SECTION 4. The members of each Committee shall elect a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and a Secretary of the Committee. The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice Chairman, shall preside over all meetings. SECTION 5. Each Committee shall keep correct and complete written minutes of all its proceedings, which minutes shall be kept in bound form, properly executed by the Secretary of the Committee and approved by the Chairman and kept at the principal office of the ASSOCIATION.
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