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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Null and Void

    2008 officers in a HOA motioned and passed a bylaw amendment that consolidated multiple lots into one, (most officers had multiple lots). Thereby reducing the amount of money required by the multiple lot owners but also reducing the number of votes for them as well. The issue is that the minutes were not adequately recorded but the changes in lot fees are evident from the treasurer's records. The Articles of incorporation specifically state that " ...membership is governed by lot ownership....one lot equals one vote, two lots equals two votes.... and no member shall have his rights canceled
  2. The Secretary of my Hoa will be out of town is it right/legal for him to have the President step in for him at the annual elections for which all three of their seats will be voted on for new directors ( none of them Pres,VP and Sec are running due to the damage they've done in the hoa they are tring to control the votes though to get their friends in )or should one of the other two directors at large who hold no official position be selected to vote the proxy's left for the secretary to use as he sees fit. Also can the daughter of a homeowner serve as a board member although she does own prop
  3. Hi all, What would be the guidance in a HOA Special meeting which was called for the purpose of having a recall vote of each of the board members? Meeting was originally requested by a petition of the minimum number of names to request that the President call the special meeting. This was rejected as a number of names were disqualified - not sure why, but assume they were for legitimate reasons. Then a motion was made by a board member to call the special meeting and it was seconded by a second board member which met the requirement to have the President call the special meeting. Other board
  4. I am a novice at this. I am a member/homeowner in a non profit (HOA) corporation. I would like to know if a renter/non-member/homeowner can attend Board meetings and can they have their comments recorded in the Board Minutes? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I am interested to know how one would go about applying Robert's Rules to the annual board meeting for a Home Owners Association. The meeting is jointly run by the property management company and the board of directors - it is open to all home owners within the property to attend. The agenda is as follows: 1. intros 2. presidents message 3. financial report 4. architectural committee report 5. Nominations and Elections for open board positions 6. Questions and Answer period for the residents. 7. Election results 8. Adjourn The main aspects about quorum and notice, etc are
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