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Found 1 result

  1. We had a meeting recently that was to be an informal meeting between the old and new boards of directors. At the last minute the president sent an e-mail to everyone that he had been requested to invite certain members to express views on another member. The by-laws clearly state the time requirements, timeliness of notification ( varies for different types of meetings) and that an agenda had to be prepared. if this were to be a "meeting" by definition. The bylaws also state that guests may be invited by the board of directors; which I assume is a majority. After being polled 4 hours before the meeting a majority did approve the guests. ( the minium requirement is 24 hours). Minutes were kept. If it did not meet the standards of a meeting as stated in our bylaws Was it an improper meeting? Does any real or perceived confidentality exist; it was not explicityly brought up in any way.
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