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Found 2 results

  1. Good Morning, I am part of a Neighborhood Association which has a committee that reviews and supports development projects in our neighborhood. When homeowners go before the city's committee for approval, certain individuals are presenting themselves to the city to speak in opposition as representatives of the neighborhood association's committee, which there are not members of. They are falsely representing themselves during these meeting as representing the neighborhood as a whole vs as a private individual. When I am setting in the meeting governed by Robert's Rules, how can I properly interrupt/interject/clarify that the individual is not a member of the committee and is only speaking for their personal interest? Would it be appropriate to call "Point of Information"? Thank you in advanced for your assistance with this question!
  2. I have a question per page 295 ll. 11-12 ('If the speaker consents to the interruption, the time consumed will be taken out of his allowed time.') Why is it that if the speaker consents that it is taken out of his time? This seems to all the potential for abuse. For example, if I wanted to ask another member a question, I would likely try to be as brief as possible, However, if someone did not get along with the member then he/she could take as long as possible to ask the question in order to limit the other member's speaking time. To me, it seems more fair and practical to not take the question out of the member's time.
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