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Found 2 results

  1. Our association has a very thin constitution and bylaws. The executive board was recently summoned to vote on extensive changes to an standing agreement. Official business occurred without the meeting called to order or a motion to vote among other bylaw infractions. A majority of the board was happy with the results and refuse to follow bylaws with the argument there is no language in the bylaws...However, bylaws state Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority...Question 1... was the vote held valid? Question 2...what do you do when the board doesn't follow the bylaws?
  2. Recently, our Union voted to accept a Memorandum of Agreement, proposed by the Company, between the Union and the Company. The motion to accept the MOA was passed using a 2/3 majority of the total group membership. To date neither parties have actually signed the agreement. Is it possible, according to RONR, to have a member make a motion to rescind such MOA after having been accepted by the Union, since the reason it has not been signed stems from a desire by the Company to get a similar MOA passed by another Union employed at the Company (we have 4 separate Union groups under this Company). If this is possible, would such a vote still require a 2/3 majority, or would a simple majority be acceptable? Our bylaws only stipulate that matters that would affect the terms and conditions of work would require a 2/3 majority, but rescinding the MOA would in essence cancel any changes to our terms and conditions of work. Please advise.
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