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  1. I’m a member of an organization with two levels of membership - voting and non-voting (called Regular Member and Associate Member. Associate Members pay less in dues and cannot vote for directors. However, the bylaws say only that directors must be members in good standing and does not exclude Associate Members from being directors. Is there anything in Roberts Rules about whether a non-voting member can or cannot be a director of the organization?
  2. Good evening! Does RONR address the definition of a "membership suspension"? It is as if I am no longer a member, not privy to any benefits? Am I held to any member obligations such as following the requirements on the membership application? Can formal charges be filed against me as a "suspended" member? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions! Megan
  3. Currently the club I belong a few of the board members are proposing amendments to the bylaws that take away all membership voting rights contained in our bylaws, leaving all decisions in the boards hands alone. Also proposed are extending unlimited board (officers/directors) terms at their discretion and taking out the provisions of informing the membership of meetings/agenda. Currently, even though our bylaws state they must provide time/date, agenda and post minutes of meetings, they provide us none of these items. It is my understanding, that this goes against parliamentary rules in gener
  4. Guest

    Membership Rejection

    My membership application was recently rejected from a club. The bylaws of the club are silent on whether membership reviews are public knowledge. The bylaws are also silent on whether names of applicants and the Boards decision on the applications are to be recorded in the board minutes. And lastly, the bylaws are silent on whether the applicant is to be notified of the deficiency or reason why the application was denied. The bylaws do say that an re-application cannot be made for 12 months. In my case, the Board minutes simply state the number of applications that were denied. So, my q
  5. Our Bylaws state: Member: Defined as member in good standing. Member in good standing shall: (among other things) Have no active disciplinary action against him/her per the current disciplinary grievance policy. Question Background: We have a member who was placed on suspension by the BOD for one year in November 2019. She appealed the decision and had a hearing at a general membership meeting with a quorum. The membership upheld the suspension. Policy states the membership decision is final and the case is closed; however, she continues to fight the decision and has threa
  6. Can a Standing Committee be made up entirely on persons who are not members of the organization? We are a Fire Company working to incorporate an existing Ladies Auxiliary for 501C3 compliance. The argument is we can just make them a standing committee with a seperate set of bylaws that does refer back to ours for discipline, harassment, and a few other areas without making them a type of member of our organization. I say they need to be a class of membership that is set up with a set of bylaws that follow next to ours but has a seperate level of membership requirement from firefighting or else
  7. Here is the situation I am facing: The Standards Board/Committee for an organization has received information from one member of the organization about another member. While this information would constitute as grounds for termination if it were true, there is no evidence in support of the claim. The "offender" has not done anything else to soil his/her own reputation or the reputation of the organization. After receiving the unverifiable information, the Standards Board met with the said "offender" and terminated their membership without giving him/her a chance to refute the claim or give t
  8. How to rescind a person's membership for cause
  9. When is a new membership application is completed and received by an organization's Treasurer, along with funds to cover the membership dues, when does the new member's rights begin? For example: if 10 new members walk into a meeting and hand in their completed membership applications, along with funds to cover said dues, do they have a right to vote on issues brought before the meeting officials, OR is their membership right to vote not valid until the membership funds are properly deposited into the organization's bank account(s)? It seems reasonable that new memberships must have a grace
  10. How can the membership vote the president out?
  11. I belong to a Dog Breed Club and the Board of Directors will not let the membership make motions at our annual meetings or by ballot voting. They go as far as to not let anyone know at annual meeting if there is a quorum present. What can be done ? We operate under Robert's Rules, it is stated in our Bylaws.
  12. We are planning on holding our Annual Membership meeting soon. Can non members attend? Can non members discuss or make motions? I know they can not vote.
  13. If a $10 monthly assessment passed for 2 years (March 2016-March 2018) and a member leaves the organization in December 2016; is the member still obligated to pay the remainder months?
  14. Hello all, I am curious about the technical definition of membership as it would regard to a college organization (that has agreed to adopt Roberts Rules as a governing document for parliamentary procedure). The two frames of mind are this: 1) A member is any person(s) belonging to the organization that have voting rights. 2) A member is any person(s) belonging to the organization regardless of voting rights (people of Alumni status). any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I have a question about the Nominating Committee: On page 433 of RONR, it states: "Members of the nominating committee are not barred from becoming nominees for office themselves. To make such a requirement would mean, first, that service on the nominating committee carried a penalty by depriving its members of one of their privileges; and second, that appointment or election to the nominating committee could be used to prevent a member from becoming a nominee. " My question is how would the appointment/election stop a person from being a candidate - I mean if being a member of the c
  16. The issue of non-members or guests attending membership meetings is being disputed by a member who wishes to have his girlfriend attend membership meetings. Under the description in Robert's Rules, the organization is classified as an assembly with By-laws and Rules membership requirements, etc. The introduction to the By-laws describes it as a members only club and states that none of the facilities are open or available to the public. It goes on to describe how apply and maintain membership. The only time guest are mentioned is for signing in to attend social events and/or purchase drinks fr
  17. Hi. I have a board consisting of only four members including the chair. The chair according to the bylaws has no vote except to brake a tie. Two of the members wishes to dissolve the board and are not participating as they should be. Meaning, sabotage to ensure there is no quorum. I have volunteers ready and willing to get on the board and go forward. Can we proceed to elect them on the board if only the chair and one director are present? How do we overcome this sabotage issue? Thank you.
  18. Guest

    membership roles

    Is it customary for the detailed Membership lists to be shared with others in the association? Who should have access and how much detail? The president? The membership chair? The board? The general membership? I am concerned about people's privacy and whether the list would be used for any other reason such as soliciting business or political marketing campaigns if it is shared. President of a Civic Association (a non-profit corporation)
  19. If the bylaws state as below, can an informal (not voted on) or formal (voted on) decision be made by the board to make exceptions for one or more individuals? If it was informally decided to extend an offer, made by phone, mail or email, to a list of people who failed to pay dues by the deadlines specified in the bylaws, are those people who paid after the deadline members or not? Section 2. Dues Membership dues shall be set by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors. The dues shall not exceed thirty-five ($35.00) per year, to remain in effect until such time as an increa
  20. Guest

    Motion & Votes

    I recently brought up a motion at are regular membership meeting. The motion was discussed and voted on, it passed pending the submission of a certain document. I submitted the necessary document to our President a few days before our Executive Board meeting where I was under the impression that the motion was explained the Executive Board would vote on the motion and the matter would be done with. At the Executive Board meeting I was told that since it was originally brought up at the membership meeting that it would have to go back before them to be voted on again. I don't believe that
  21. Our bylaws state that membership in our organization may be revoked by a 2/3 vote of the board of directors. If there is more than one member who has met the "requirements" for expulsion, are we required to make separate motions to revoke the membership of each individual, or can we make one motion, naming each of them in a single motion?
  22. The secretary of a political organization Executive Board admits that she is not either a republican or a democrat, yet is an acting board member and as such is allowed to vote on sensitive matters. I'm fairly new to this organization but it appears to me that if you sit on the board, you should at least believe in the cause. Not only is she on the Executive Board (which is a volunteer position), but she is a paid employee of the organization as well. Does Robert's Rules of Order address this? Should bylaws be amended to state that if you are a member of this group that you believe in the
  23. Is it consistent with RR for a board to refuse to give members access to a list of the membership of the organization? Our board refuses to tell the members who is and who is not a member.
  24. Have a member that has written a rather extensive letter about her unhappiness with the organization. Mentioned 5 specific functions (monthly events) and 17 members of the club. Also complained about the current club president's actions during on of the executive board meetings. What is the correct method to remove her as an active member: - return annual dues (paid Oct 1 through Sep 31) - vote of the executive board - must other members be notified if action is taken These are our current thoughts. However, we have nothing in the by-laws on this issue. Thanks for any help/advise y
  25. The bylaws of an organization state that membership within the organization is considered terminated if a member's dues are not paid by 2/25. The bylaws allow the board to give "an additional 25 days to members(s) who missed the deadline in meritorious case(s)". One member who is involved in the organization forgot to renew. The board decided to grant the additional 25 days to all members to avoid the appearance of favoritism. Without this additional 25 days, the member could rejoin, just at a different level within the organization. Historically, previous boards have granted this exception
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