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  1. Guest

    Agenda in minutes?

    When an agenda is adopted for a meeting how much detail of the agenda needs to be recorded in that meetings minutes? Is a simple note that an agenda was adopted enough or needs the whole agenda be spelled out?
  2. The Board of the organization I worked for met in Executive (Closed) Session to discuss a then-ongoing legal matter. A motion was considered and passed regarding the matter. (In short, the Board gave the Executive the authority to settle the issue up to a certain amount.) The association's bylaw regarding minutes are below: 13.6 Minutes i. The minutes of the meetings of the [Board] shall: a. be the responsibility of the Recording Secretary, in their absence the [Board] may select a temporary replacement; b. include a summary of the discussion, a record of the motions pass
  3. We had a Special Called Business Meeting convened. Meeting was called to order and Agenda was read. Member requested to read a statement into the official record as part of the meeting. Second member made a motion to move the stated agenda to the regularly scheduled business meeting for the following reasons: - meeting agenda was not announced at two consecutive meetings prior - agenda items to be voted on were in violation of the Constitution & Bylaws which stated those items must be carried out at Regularly scheduled business meeting. Our Bylaws state we will follow Rober
  4. Guest

    Changing Minutes

    At a Board of Directors meeting, a motion was made and passed that allocated funds to an individual, with the individual being named in the motion. After the meeting, the individual receiving the funds asked that their name not be in the minutes, so the secretary removed the name. The minutes have not yet been approved. What course of action is available to address the meeting minutes being intentionally falsified? Can a majority vote of the Board allow the minutes to be falsified?
  5. We've had some significant dysfunction in our organization recently, which included a secretary who didn't understand what minutes should (and shouldn't) contain. The last several sets of minutes that she prepared were not approved by the board due to inaccuracies and liability concerns. Our new secretary is not sure what to do with these minutes that aren't approved were never fixed (as the previous secretary took any recommended changes really personally). The new secretary wasn't on the board when those minutes were compiled and then rejected by the board. Is it appropriate to pull out
  6. Good day. Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question of the transcribing of minutes. I tried to point out to our Chairperson that things like personal observations, judgmental comments, or wording, such as... "There were several displeased and heated opinions regarding the addition of the category and the language...", do not belong. He tried to argue that "the minutes have to be accurate and we can't take short cuts". I argued that the minutes should be concise and summarize the major points of what happened at the meeting. Not to include opinion and speculation. Help?
  7. Point of order is raised in contentious debate over a motion - does the point of order get included in the minutes?
  8. I am presently the minute secretary of a non profit organisation. As I am due to take minutes of the AGM this month, I have been forwarded a copy of last year's minutes. There is no list of members present on these minutes, only a note under the "Present" tab that the chairman has a list. My question therefore is - can these minutes be approved without the list of attendees being available?
  9. Is it normal (or appropriate) for minutes to be read immediately following a meeting - basically, to re-cap what was said/voted on at the meeting?? My not-for-profit company has been doing this for years and I feel if you read the minutes after a meeting that "technically" they are approving them on-the-spot. Thoughts???
  10. I am part of a small board. I understand that opinion and commentary are not part of minutes. If such opinion or comment is part of an officer's (verbal) report, should it be included? Example: Officer reports that the budget for a raffle drawings was not enough to last the fiscal year, and states her opinion about the purpose of such drawings--which happens to contradict the published purpose. If the opinion is directly related to an action the officer is taking, should it be included? Example: Officer reports she will be absent for a future meeting and delegates one of her tasks to another m
  11. The Dec. minutes for our non-profit group were approved at the beginning of the January meeting. There was election and change of several board members from December to January. A former board member (from December) submitted an amendment to the previously approved minutes. Who should be voting on this amendment- the December sitting board members or the new sitting board members? Does it matter if the members were present at the meeting or not? Just FYI- since our minutes are published, they include what was "done and said". The discrepancy is about what was "said" (though it is my feeli
  12. Guest

    Approval of Minutes

    If the December 2012 minutes are corrected and then approved and accepted at the January 2013 ..... can those minutes then be further corrected and then approved and accepted yet again? could you cite "chapter and verse" to justify your answer .... thank you
  13. Guest

    in camera minutes

    If part of the meeting is in camera, is there any obligation to publish in the public minutes anything that went on "in camera", including any motions, passed, defeated or tabled? Or does all of that just stay in the "in camera" minutes?
  14. Constitution states: Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings, including teleconferences, shall be kept and promptly promulgated to the Association members within 30 days of the meeting. So if a vote is caried out in Executive Session, do the members have the right to see the passing of that vote in the promulgated minutes?
  15. In Robert Rules of Order 11th edition, pg.36. When and how do you use "Rescind and Expunge" and what does it mean "on extremely rare occasions". What is the criteria for using the rule?
  16. A member proposed an amendment to a motion. The amendment failed, the motion passed. Is it necessary to document the amendment in the minutes? Carole O
  17. Our board is having a retreat, where we are orienting new members, discussing plans and priorities for the coming year, touring the facility, etc. There are no action items, and there will be no votes taken--it's purely informational. Are we required to take official minutes?
  18. Guest

    Meeting minutes

    Please can you tell me if Roberts Rules, 11th edition says anything about how meeting minutes should be typed? I know that withdrawn motions should not be included but how about the format of the minutes? We have a secretary who does it differently after every meeting and things that's just fine. It makes it difficult to read, especially when she center's everything on the page.
  19. I am the recording secretary for two public pension plans. This is my first experience doing minutes, much less for a public body. There seems to be some confusion about how some things should be handled, and I really haven't found an answer yet, so I'm hoping one of you lovely people can help me. My first question is about correcting minutes. Yesterday, the previous meeting's minutes were on the agenda to be approved. There was some clarifying statement that one member wanted, so a vote was passed to amend one section of the minutes. The minutes were approved as amended. My question is do I m
  20. Guest


    Must the person making a motion and the person making the second be named in the minutes?
  21. Guest

    minutes availability

    After a meeting, when can the minutes be made available to the committee officers. We meet once every 6 weeks and minutes were completed within 24 hours of the last meeting. However, when a member of the board requested a copy of the minutes, they were told that the copy could not be obtained until the next meeting. These minutes contained critical information/ decisions and needed to be reviewed before the next meeting.
  22. Guest

    Correcting Minutes

    I have a question regarding correcting minutes. When the Board or a Committee goes to approve the minutes of a previous meeting and there is a correction/error (typo primarily) in the minutes, do the actual minutes of the previous meeting have to be updated and replaced in our minute book? i.e. Moved by___ and seconded by ___ to approve the minutes of Jan1/13 with the following correction - Agenda item #3 - replace the word "nothing" with "noting". CARRIED. Do the Jan 1/13 minutes actually have to be updated and replaced or do the minutes of this meeting supercede it? Just need some clarifica
  23. Guest

    minutes correction

    Quick question....Is there anywhere in RONR that stipulates the secretary to ask for corrections from the chair before submission of the minutes? I questions those actions due to the secretary supposedly submits the minutes and then they are brought to the full board for any corrections and to be approved......I'm not sure that they work together with the minutes....clarification please and also what page may I find this information. thanks
  24. The group that I am involved in is having an issue with the accuracy of minutes. The secretary notes say one thing, most of the parents remember it differently and are pretty upset about it all. The meeting updates on Facebook confirms what the majority of parents says and the secretary posts these updates. How should all this be handled? Do we call for a new vote?
  25. I'm secretary for a club and the club board at the last minute asked me if we could move a discussion that was recorded in the board minutes to the excutive session minutes so that the general members of the club wouldn't see who we were discussing. It is my understanding that minutes are recorded in the order in which they are discussed and if they want an item to remain "private" they need to wait until excutive session is called. Our minutes are posted for club members to see after they have been approved. am I incorrect in thinking we may not move an item if it was discussed in the boar
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