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Found 5 results

  1. Guest


    Is a new BOD bound by decisions of the previous BOB
  2. Guest


    My board is searching for new institution leadership. We have tabled a recommendation for new leadership pending further search. We will have several new trustees joining the board and a few leaving the board between the time the meeting when the topic was tabled and the next meeting, is there protocol to be followed with the new trustees?
  3. Guest

    Approval of Minutes

    Minutes were taken at a conference where new board officers are elected. The board is made of 9 members. Three members rotate off and 3 new members start at the end of the conference. Who approves the minutes? Does the new 9 member board approve the minutes or do only the 6 remain board members approve and the 3 new ones have to abstain or do the 3 that rotate off the board still get to vote on approval of the minutes from their meeting where they rotated off? It seems strange for the new 9 member to approve the minutes when the conference minutes falls under the old board although the new
  4. When the membership of a Board changes what is the procedure for addressing the minute approval from the final meeting of the "old" Board? In the particular situation we are addressing this is a Board of 5 members and there is only one person carrying over from the previous Board.
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