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Found 4 results

  1. We have 12 members on our church council. The church body has elected 4 new members to replace 4 outgoing members who are leaving the council on Dec. 31. The 4 new members are attending the December council meeting. The council elects the church officers from the council at the December meeting. 1) Do the 4 new council members vote for officers for NEXT year at the December meeting even though they are not official members yet (until Jan. 1)? 2) Do the 4 outgoing members vote on the officers for NEXT year even though they won't be on the council after Dec. 31? (Council members say they should vote because they know what is involved more than the new members do.) 3) Can the 4 new council members be elected to an office for next year even though they won't be a member until Jan. 1? (I would think so because they will be members of the council next year.) 4) If the answer to both 1 & 2 is "yes", then do we have 16 votes cast? (Well, 15 votes, because the president doesn't vote until a tie.) I'm usually pretty good at this but I am stumped! HELP!
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    Must you motion and second a newly elected member during an AGM? All positions were filled with only one person running for the position, with the exception of one. Thanks
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    Voting Method

    An organization receives membership applications for new members and they are presented to the membership for a vote. The By Laws on address the method of voting by saying "Three negative votes (black balls) are required to black ball a proposed member. A black balled proposed member may be brought back for a second vote within three months. If she isn ot voted in at this time, she cannot be proposed for membership again". There will be a vote for new members tomorrow night. There is a proposed member whom some do not want in the organization for legitimate reasons. The President has said that there will be a voice vote and members will be warned not to vote negative for frivilous reasons. The group has voted by voice vote on ocassion and by box with black and white balls. The President says she will need a motion to vote by box (black and white balls). Is this true?
  4. Hello, all. I'm new here. This is my first post to the forum, so go easy on me. I'm trying to develop a suitable order of business for the business meetings of the church where I am the moderator. I'm getting stuck on one particular--where to put certain specific items. RONR seems to indicate that any action prescribed in the bylaws to take place at a specific meeting should go under Special Orders. So, for example, election of officers, which must take place at the annual meeting, should be placed there. (Right?) How about actions that are defined in the bylaws, but are not prescribed for a particular meeting? (Voting in new members, for example.) Should this go under Special Orders, or New Business, or somewhere else entirely? Following is the relevant portion of the bylaws: Upon recommendation of the Board of Elders, a vote shall be taken to accept prospective members at any duly called business meeting. A two-thirds majority vote of the active members present is required for acceptance into membership.Thanks, from a newbie.
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