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Found 6 results

  1. The bylaw states: c) When the slate has been approved by the Board, the Secretary shall mail the list, including the full name and address of each candidate to each member of the Club via the October Bulletin, but in no case later than by a mailing on or prior to October seventh (7th), so that additional nominations may be made by the members as described below in (d) if they so desire. The slate was e-mailed October 8th, one day late. The email is date stamped so there is no question that it was late. There are also candidates running from the floor by petition. There is no question that the petition candidates met their deadline as outlined by the bylaws as the petitions were overnighted and signed for plus a set of copies were hand delivered to the secretary. Here is the question: Because the board slate did not meet the deadline of October 7, does that mean the candidates running by petition should be automatically elected as the lateness of the board candidates invalidates their candidacy?
  2. Guest

    running for office

    does a person sitting on the executive commmittee in an elected position have to resign in order to run for another elected office on the executive commmittee?
  3. Guest

    Nomination problems!

    Election for new officers was to be held at the April meeting. At that time only 2 out of 5 positions were interested in re-nomination. So the voting was held off until the May meeting when one new nominee came forward. Several days before our June meeting a e-mail went out from the Executive Board stating that if we do not have enough officers that the Booster Club will have to disband. The next day our director put out a e-mail with 2 more name up for nomination.The by-laws state that you may submit your name for a postion you wish to fill to the current Executive Board prior to the April meeting. Question is: Can the director (ex-officio member / not a Executive Board member) put names on the ballot with out going though the board?( which is stacking the deck or yes-men)
  4. I have several questions related to nomination procedure for an election that weren't answered in my guide to Robert's Rules nor could I find the answers by search. We will be having the first election of 2 officers for a new organization/group, so there is no constitution, bylaws, etc. I am planning on having an e-mail or online nomination and online ballots. I'll delineate my questions since I have several. Is one person allowed to nominate more than 1 person for a position? Should the nominations be anonymous? After all nominations are collected, ballots can be made for each position. Do we then take a vote and give each elected person a chance to decline the position or do we ask each person who is nominated whether they would like to be on the ballot? It says in my Robert's Rules guide that a person does not need to be nominated to win an election. How can this happen, is it referring to write-in candidates? I can leave a space for a write-in candidate I suppose. I am planning on using a majority vote to win. I am not sure whether it should be plurality or not. There will probably be around 11 voting members. I appreciate for those of you who have been in this situation before what are some pros/cons. I like the idea of taking a majority vote but keeping everyone on the ballot for future votes in the case that a majority is not obtained. Thanks everyone! I was just introduced to Robert's Rules about a month ago and find it quite interesting.
  5. An organisation wishes to hold their election for executive by electronic ballot. This is somehat covered in the bylaws under s.22(2) which states: 22 (1) A member in good standing is entitled to one vote. (2) Election of incoming directors shall be by electronic or paper ballot managed in a manner deemed appropriate by the director. The election process shall be observed by an independent Returning Officer appointed by the Directors to ensure integrity of the voting process. (3) Voting for special resolutions shall be by electronic or paper ballot managed in a manner deemed appropriate by the director. The voting process shall be observed by an independent Returning Officer appointed by the Directors to ensure integrity of the voting process. (4) All other voting may be conducted at a general meeting by either a show of hands, or a secret ballot, or by electronic means as deemed appropriate by the members present at the meeting. The problem lies in what they are considering "appropriate". Nominations have opened, and one person is being nominated for multiple positions - President, Vice President and Director. Once nominations have closed, voting will take place electronically (whole other question as to who has the ability to see the votes that are cast, but I digress), with a ranking system for each candidate. Just the candidates, and not the position(s) they are running for, is listed on the ballot. What they want to do is look at the total ballots for each candidate, and essentially give the top finisher first dibs at being President. If they have not let their name stand for President, they would be Vice President. The next highest number of votes would get the next position, all the way down the line until all positions are filled. Is this in keeping in any way shape or form with RR? The results are announced at the AGM, with the successful candidates taking their positions from that date. Thanks for any comments you might have. North of 60 ---> Above the Arctic Circle and beating my head against an ice floe!
  6. If present board member is up for reelection can present board change that member's title to exofficio in order to be sure the person remains on board due to being a key employee necessary for discussions and sometimes to make a quorum or would by laws need to be changed? Can board designate as a nonvoting position or would by laws need to be changed?
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