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Found 3 results

  1. I'm the president of a non-profit board and chair at the general and executive board meetings. The secretary was absent. Minute Taker #1 left midway through the meeting. So I asked Minute Taker #2 to continue taking the minutes. After the meeting the minutes were gathered to be delivered to the Secretary. Before the next meeting, I asked Minute Takers #1 and #2 to coordinate with the Secretary to prepare the minutes for the next meeting. However, I got no response. Due to some tension that surfaced, I had an inkling the minutes would not be produced at the next meeting due to the unresponsiven
  2. Dear General Board, I am President of Student Council at my high school. I am in charge of writing the bylaws (for further presentation by our Executive Board) for our Student Council, which has for its entire history lacked a governing document or officers who wanted to draw up any governing documents. Because my classmates are not familiar with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, they have little to no knowledge of parliamentary procedure, and the teachers overseeing Student Council don't seem to care. I am additionally faced with an Executive Board that is only interested in pie
  3. Guest


    What is dissent? Is it the same as objecting a motion? Who speaks first when dissent is given? I just need help figuring this out.
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