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  1. When an officer of a non-profit group decides not to seek re-election, when does their term officially end? The board assumed it would be at the end of the AGM, as well as the expectation the individual would provide the AGM minutes - since they did not ask anyone else to take them. The AGM minutes are needed at the bank to change signing authority to the new officers - this is what the bank has told the non-profit group. The former officers in question attended the AGM, and functioned in their roles during the meeting, so it was expected that they would supply the minutes for the AGM, and then go sign-off at the bank. After a few weeks when this transfer and outstanding items had not been done, the board inquired the former officers on when this might be happening, also explaining it was getting urgent that they do so. The board was told that the minutes and other outstanding items would be coming. Then more time passes. The bank informs the new board that their account is now frozen due to that the former officers who were on file have not come in and removed their signing authority. The bank says that they cannot move forward without the sign-off of the two officers, or not having a copy of the AGM minutes showing the new board. What recourse does a non-profit group have when former officers, who in a fiduciary capacity, intentionally do not sign-off at the bank nor provide essential documents as they had agreed to? Essentially, the former officers are holding the association hostage.