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Found 2 results

  1. According to our by-laws, our Executive Secretary is ex-officio, Secretary to the Board of Directors and shall record all the proceedings of the Corporation and its Board of Directors. Should the Executive Secretary attend and record the meetings of the standing committees created by the President of the Board of Directors? Are standing committees considered part of the proceedings of the Corporation? If so or not, can someone give me a reference to where I can find the designation in Robert's Rules of Order? Thanks! Joe Laleman
  2. RRONR 10th Edition had info on proceeding withoujt a quorum in the case of an emergency wherein an opportunity would be lost and risking to act with the hope of future ratification. Is this info somehwere in the 11th edition?. We need to act on a time sensitive issue that was recommended in a committee report, but approval for the spending associated with the issue was not brought to a motion. The report, however, was accepted. Do we really need a motion associated with the spending of an item recommended in an accepted report? We've tried an unsuccessful "no-quorum" Call Meeting. What other
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