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Found 9 results

  1. Is is legal for Board officers to solicit the signing of proxies to them (the officers) prior to a board meeting? The Officers of our HOA are passing out meeting notices along with proxies and requesting homeowners go ahead and sign the proxies over to the board member so the homeowners don't have to attend and 'their vote will count.'
  2. Guest


    If the bylaws are silent regarding proxies, are they allowed - or must the bylaws specify that proxy votes are allowed?
  3. It may be obvious but I’m looking for something to support challenging the following. Our Association will hold the Annual Homeowners Meeting very soon. A current Board member is up for re-election at this meeting. However, this same Board member has been going to homeowners to solicit their Proxy forms. These Proxies will be given to the Association Secretary and she will cast votes for this Board member to be re-elected. To complicate this further, there is someone else who will be running however, the individuals who have already gave their Proxy don’t know this. I’m looking for recom
  4. Aloha e kakou, Aloha to all of us! Our Home Owners Association recently held its annual owners meeting. The meeting met its quorum threshold, using proxies. The presiding officer was not the usual Board of Directors President but rather a Parliamentarian routinely hired by the management company to conduct these meetings. At this meeting, the proxy of one of the board directors was present, as was the director. There were no votes taken, election was by acclamation, so there was no harm, nor foul during the official business portion of the meeting. After the meeting close
  5. In a church setting how does one determine a quorum is present? Members have voting rights. We have over 200 members but only have approx 45 individuals attending at one time and not all of them are members. Is this when we should be mailing out proxys to acheive at least 50% of the membership? It has been the practice lately to go ahead and vote on the matter counting those present who have voting rights, and if more than 50% vote one way or the other they consider it offical. Is this correct?
  6. Our condominium association had our annual meeting last night. The main item was the election of board members and proxies were sent out to get the votes of owners that would not be attending the meeting. At the start of the meeting it was determined/announced that a quorum was present. During the meeting a motion was made from the floor and was ruled out of order because the number of owners physically present at the meeting did not represent a quorum. Is this ruling correct? How can you have a quorum for one agenda item but not other items that come up during the meeting?
  7. Are proxies counted in the quorum and how?
  8. We are a union and our constitution does not mention anything regarding Porxies. We have accepted proxies for the past 10 plus years, we now have an issue with a committee who is interpreting Roberts Rules of Order as we can not use proxy voting while others believes that they are accptable because of past precedents. Who is correct? Also if we want to not accept proxies, do we need a vote by the committee with a quarum or can the chair person of that committee send out an email letting the members know that proxies will no longer be accepted?
  9. Guest

    Second-Order Proxies

    For the Annual Meeting of an organization, member A, who expects to be absent, has submitted his proxy form designating B to hold his proxy. Separately and without knowing what A has done, B has designated C as his own proxy-holder. B is absent from the meeting. Can C now vote A's proxy as well as B's? Thank you. (VP, a Virginia Homeowners' Association) terencekuch@gmail.com
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