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Found 2 results

  1. We are a union and our constitution does not mention anything regarding Porxies. We have accepted proxies for the past 10 plus years, we now have an issue with a committee who is interpreting Roberts Rules of Order as we can not use proxy voting while others believes that they are accptable because of past precedents. Who is correct? Also if we want to not accept proxies, do we need a vote by the committee with a quarum or can the chair person of that committee send out an email letting the members know that proxies will no longer be accepted?
  2. Guest

    Second-Order Proxies

    For the Annual Meeting of an organization, member A, who expects to be absent, has submitted his proxy form designating B to hold his proxy. Separately and without knowing what A has done, B has designated C as his own proxy-holder. B is absent from the meeting. Can C now vote A's proxy as well as B's? Thank you. (VP, a Virginia Homeowners' Association) terencekuch@gmail.com
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